Jan 14, 2017

2017 Aussie Open Preview: Big 4 Back Together

It's our second episode of 2017. Here, we're previewing the 2017 Australian Open - keep your draws handy or just listen along to our analysis. Who are our dark horse picks? What are the chances of Serena, Rafa, Angie, Roger, etc? Who do we hope against all odds will have a great showing? 


2:00 Jumping right in: Serena’s draw and her first-round opponent

8:00 Looking at the women’s bottom half – Pliskova is Serena’s biggest threat

9:30 Kerber’s chances – women’s top half

12:45 What kind of form is Garbine Muguruza in?

14:45 Elsewhere in the women’s draw: Halep, Konta, Radwanska, Kuznetsova, Venus

19:15 Women’s first round matches to watch

23:30 Men’s draw: Novak Djokovic is #2 seed, faces Verdasco in first round

32:30 The baffling Raonic-Monfils-Nadal-Zverev-RBA quarter

38:00 Men’s top half – Fed/Murray/Nishikori/Berdych share the same quarter

40:30 What are Stan’s chances based on his draw?

43:15 Interesting men’s first rounders

44:30 Jonathan’s dark horse picks

47:15 Our “wish upon a star” picks

51:30 Caroline Wozniacki gets a little mean

54:45 Sharapova and Stuttgart announce Maria’s momentous return, PR continues to be a challenge


Jan 9, 2017

It’s Not That Bad, Is It? Season 3 Premiere

The Body Serve begins its third season with an extended episode that covers the off-season, the early goings-on of the 2017 tennis season, and some fun and games. We're especially happy to share our new intro, which incorporates quotes from some of our favorite players. Stay tuned for an Australian Open quiz and our nominees for the male players who should start wearing short shorts (for fashion reasons only, obviously).


1:00 January means the Visit Melbourne ad is back! A dramatic reading

5:00 Tennis had no chill in the off-season: Serena-Common interview, Serena gets engaged, Ivanovic retires, Federer Periscopes

13:00 Kvitova shock

18:15 Pliskova wins Brisbane

21:30 Let's talk about Auckland: Serena and Vee underwhelm

27:00 James' mini-treatise on being a Serena fan

30:20 Novak wins Doha; talking about another Novak "incident" 

38:00 Dimitrov beats 3 Top 10 players to win Brisbane

39:45 Taking stock of Nadal's form after winning Abu Dhabi exo

42:45 Mattek-Sands reaches no. 1 in doubles ... misgivings?

46:30 Twitter polls: who do you think will have the best year?

52:45 Et ceteras: Destanee Aiava, Ash Barty, and Jonathan likes Vinci now ....

59:00 Which male players should usher in a short shorts trend? (Accepting a challenge from @themaindraw and @caitlin_thomps)

1:08:00 Jonathan takes an Australian Open quiz!

1:19:30 Some TV shows we're watching


Dec 20, 2016

Return to Stars Hollow

Our tennis season is over, but we're leaving you with one final episode of The Body Serve in 2016. We talk about the much hyped Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls: what worked and what didn't, why Rory is such a problem, which of Rory's exes is the hottest, and how Kelly Bishop and Lauren Graham slayed every scene they were in. We also add to our TV episode and recommend a few gems for you to check out over the holidays.

2:30 What worked about the Gilmore Girls revival? #1 Lauren Graham

9:00 Lorelai and Emily: the central relationship of Gilmore Girls?

16:00 Paris Geller, hilarious and terrifying

20:00 Cameos by Parenthood cast, Sutton Foster, and Stars Hollow: The Musical

22:15 An Emily Gilmore meltdown for the ages

24:30 Rory’s exes are all hot now

28:00 What didn’t work? The last four words

29:30 How do you solve a problem like Rory?

33:45 A small diatribe on stereotyping millennials: we didn’t invent participation trophies

37:30 Things that didn’t work in 2016 but might have in 2000

 41:20 Sudden diversity in Stars Hollow and Hartford

50:00 Who’d you rather: Dean, Jess, or Logan?

54:15 Revisiting our TV episode – talking about Transparent’s representation problems

60:00 Atlanta, Stranger Things, High Maintenance

63:45 In praise of season 7 of Shameless, and especially Emmy Rossum

67:00 Check out Club de Cuervos, Mozart in the Jungle, Chewing Gum, and Fleabag


Dec 12, 2016

Season 2 Finale: Tennis Is Messy AF

Episode 63 marks the finale of our second season. We spend a good chunk of time thanking some of our supporters by name. (Please forgive us if we missed you - it wasn't intentional!) We have lots of fun chit-chatting about the petty, messy, trying, and frivolous moments in tennis this past year. We also take you back to a once-controversial subject in tennis: the Williams sisters' hair, and its role as a signifier of their outsider status. 

3:15 Rundown of 2016's messy af moments in tennis, starting with Gibbs-Stakhovsky-Murray

9:15 Ryan Harrison is doing the most to provoke Tennis Twitter
11:45 A sidebar on politics and why we shan't be tolerating alt-right tennis players
14:30 Tomic and Kyrgios' complicated relationship
20:00 Who's suing whom
22:45 Other insane things: Wimbledon poisoning and a murder trial
26:15 Tomic politely asks a fan for a cup to go with his teabag(ging)
28:00 Discussing Jonathan's WTA Grand Slam Rankings
39:00 James takes a quiz about 2016 title winners
43:35 Our 2017 Breakout Players
48:30 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas - Venus Williams loses some beads at the '99 Australian Open, tennis loses its shit (thanks to @StephInTheUS and her YouTube channel)
1:02:00 We thank our supporters on the air - your support has made this podcast possible! 

Dec 8, 2016

WTF, Tennis? Part Deux

As promised, we're back to recap the second half of the 2016 tennis season, picking up where we left off with the crowning of Djokovic and Muguruza at Roland Garros. We recall the good, the bad, and the absurd thrown our way by the tennis gods: the Williamses at Wimbledon, Cilic's two sets to love woes, and everything del Potro did this season. Also, look out for a previously untold story from Cincinnati regarding our interview with Sania Mirza!


02:22 Sharapova handed a two-year tennis prison sentence

09:18 Putting Dominic Thiem to bed...erm...rest...one last time

12:58 Hyperbole alert: Querrey upsets Novak at Wimbledon

15:38 The deleterious effect of Cilic's dark cloud

16:54 Marcus Willis, the fat farm & British press doing the MOST.

18:45 Wimbledon respite for Williams fans

23:05 The hand of God, a trailblazer, and Vladimir Safin elected to HOF

28:10 Rogers Cup: where were you when Federer shut it down?

35:05 Olympic tennis throws a WRENCH in the tennis season

45:16 SanTina calls it quits

47:50 A few untold stories from Cincinnati

57:50 Pliskova effs up our lives & Stan does it AGAIN?!?!

65:53 Blitzing through the Fall: Murray, Woz & Cibulkova

72:21 JMDP bleeds Argentinian blue at Davis Cup

75:25 Leaving on a lighter note, some fond memories of 2016


Trip Down Tennis Twitter Memory Lane


Dec 1, 2016

WTF, Tennis? A Bonanza of Ridiculousness in 2016

Grab your fine-toothed comb as we sift through the first half of the 2016 tennis season. From Vika and Kerber in Brisbane to Djokovic and Muguruza at Roland Garros, James and Jonathan recap the utter madness of tennis in between. Along the way, we remember Bud Collins, get tongue twisted about the Kitty Chiller chitter chatter, and are generally surprised by how much of the season we'd forgotten/blocked from memory. 


04:10 - Vika kicks things off in Brisbane 

05:40 - James' dalliance with being a Sloane Ranger

11:00 - Nole & Rafa get the ATP season underway

13:20 - Remembering Nole's superhuman stretch of success 

15:36 - Australian Open (the bullshit begins)

17:40 - Kerber saves MP in 1st Rd, contemplating the what ifs?

21:32 - Raonic loses to Murray SIX times in 2016!!!

25:54 - Venus wins #49 after an abominable January

28:12 - That wacky week in February

32:48 - That drab outfit, on that drab podium, with that drab conference furniture, and that drab carpet

36:10 - Kerber gets back on track with a little help from her friends

41:50 - Raymond Moore revisited

46:20 - Either the ball goes over the net or it doesn't (remembering Bud Collins)

51:50 - A week in the life of Serena Williams 

52:40 - Rafa feeling himself in April

61:24 - Kitty Chiller chitter chatter

63:43 - ROLAND GARROS -> deluges & disappointments 



Nov 22, 2016

Judy Murray’s Boys Get to No. 1

Help celebrate our 60th episode! We're here -- on a more regular schedule, lately -- to talk about Andy Murray cementing his no.1 ranking by taking out frequent foe Novak Djokovic. Who had the better year? Did the WTFs measure up as a memorable tournament? What the hell is going on with Rafa's hair?

:30 Welcome to our Diamond Jubilee

8:30 Andy Murray beats Novak to win WTFs, finish at #1
18:00 Erase that asterisk
20:15 Has the year-end tournament redeemed itself?
26:00 Who's had the better year: Andy or Novak?
34:45 Why is Andy's behavior viewed differently than Novak's? Thoughts on authenticity, arrogance, and famous Murray misery
44:00 The men's year-end top 10
48:30 Rafa's hair!
50:30 Digression on politics, and discussion of article by @BadToss about viewing tennis in post-election America
56:30 Miscellaneous news: Venus & Serena dedicate courts and community center; the women are still playing in Limoges; Mauresmo is pregnant again; Czechs 3-peat in Fed Cup!
Please, please read the article we talked about in this episode written by @BadToss: "Post-Trump Tennis Fandom"



Nov 13, 2016

The Body Serve TV Awards

Settle in for our second annual TV episode, where we discuss the many, many shows we've been watching. Ideally, we throw in some analysis, some political content, and praise for the women and people of color who are helping to make TV's second golden age so special. Look out for Transparent, Outlander, Jane the Virgin, Insecure, Orange is the New Black, Queen Sugar, and a withering takedown of former fave UnReal.

5:00 Best New Show - OWN comes into its own

15:00 Black Lives Matter on TV in 2016 - the good and the very, very bad
22:45 Orange is the New Black - what to think of its finale?
31:00 Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves Award - we each pick 3 winners
35:00 Changing ideas of what it means to be a good female character
47:30 Tina Lifford, MVP of Queen Sugar
53:00 Transparent season 3 
1:01:00 Best British Detective Series, and James' obsession with accents
1:06:45 Best Resurgence of a once good, then bad show
1:15:45 Biggest Disappointment
1:19:00 Finding Prince Charming, not nearly messy or interesting enough
1:24:00 Best Villain - the Taylor Doose Award
1:29:45 Episodes That Stuck Out
1:33:00 RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race revives the franchise
1:39:30 A final thought on Grace & Frankie

Nov 8, 2016

Andy Murray Sittin’ on Top of the World…Rankings

For episode 58, we're talking about WTA Finals champ Cibulkova, Zhuhai winner Kvitova, and men's tennis' new number 1, Sir Andrew Murray. The ATP and WTA have both seen some big shake-ups recently. We chat about all that, plus James takes a tough quiz on ATP Number 1s - play along at home! 

0:30 Welcome back! Thanks for coming!
5:00 We can't help but like Dominika Cibulkova, WTA Finals champ
10:30 Kuznetsova's magical 2 weeks
13:45 The WTA Pretty Good Trophy in Zhuhai -- though Petra slays once again
19:30 Tying up some loose threads in women's tennis: Kerber, Serena
24:45 Andrew Barron Murray, your new world no. 1
32:15 Sympathies for sad Novak fans? Nah
40:00 The World Tour Final draws - now who's Lendl and who's McEnroe?
43:00 Rankings shake-up: Roger out of top 10, Ferrer out of top 20
46:00 Self-care sidebar
50:15 So what is the deal with Thiem's scheduling?
55:00 James takes a quiz: ATP Number Ones


Oct 18, 2016

Anatomy of Two Suspensions

We're back to take you through Nick Kyrgios and Maria Sharapova's disciplinary drama. We try to figure out where to stand on Kyrgios, why his behavior angers so many, and what the ATP means by suggesting counselling. As for Sharapova, we are not kind about her tasteless media blitz following her (slightly) reduced suspension. Stick around for actual tennis talk - lauding the strong fall performers and looking ahead to Singapore. 

3:00 Kyrgios suspension: warring camps
7:25 Is Nick's perceived apathy the reason so many people are mad?
12:00 What to make of the counselling option? What is the state of mental health in tennis?
21:30 The Swiftian/Trumpesque Media Victory Tour of Maria Sharapova ... where good taste went to die
26:30 James takes you through the details of the Sharapova appeal decision
33:30 Tennis legends invite Maria to WTT charity event, all is forgiven
38:00 Serena's fall swing: Disney World, Color Purple, Formation, NOT Singapore
41:30 Singapore lineup and scenarios
43:00 Big ups to Cibulkova, Wozniacki, Kvitova, Radwanska, Konta, Keys
47:30 Men's fall standouts: Dimitrov, RBA, Murray - can Murray get to no. 1?
51:30 Talking down the Novak slump chatter
54:00 Our faves Venus and Rafa are struggling


Oct 2, 2016

Falling Into The Asian Swing

We're back for Episode 56, talking about the busy autumn swing in Asia. Since we haven't been around for a minute, there's also lots of chit-chat about happenings in the news, doping drama, Black Lives Matter, and a reprise of one of our favorite Mariah covers.

0:40 Welcome and odds and ends: halftime show performer, hunty, Jenners, etc.
8:00 Petra Kvitova's slayful and savage run to the Wuhan title
15:00 Wozniacki's career resuscitation 
18:45 Naomi Osaka has a huge week in Tokyo
23:00 Lepchenko's statement on meldonium use, and what it has to do with Maria
28:45 Therapeutic Use Exemptions - Serena, Venus, Rafa, and Simone Biles
33:15 The case of Bethanie Mattek-Sands .... 
36:30 Serena making headlines even when she's not playing
38:00 Taking up Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Venus, and the project to silence anti-racist movements
45:45 WTA CEO Steve Simon drops a bombshell: shortening women's tennis matches? (Plus some talk about cricket!)


Sep 12, 2016

Kerber & Wawrinka Crowned at U.S. Open

Angelique Kerber and Stan Wawrinka are your 2016 U.S. Open singles champions. Episode 55 takes a look back at the last fortnight of Grand Slam tennis for the year. We've got lots to say about the ESPN commentary (specifically John McEnroe), as well as the insipid narratives whenever Serena loses. Each of the top players gets some play in this episode; we finish things with an "Odds and Ends" segment where we cover "biggest upsets," CoCo Vandeweghe not knowing who Naomi Osaka is, and the horrendous night session scheduling. 

02:44 - The inspiration and heartbreak of Venus' later career
04:36 - Your singles champions: Angelique Kerber & Stan Wawrinka
07:00 - Kerber "Player of the Year" and earning world #1
10:33 - Karolina Pliskova breaks out big time
13:58 - Wawrinka's "crazy" run in big matches
17:57 - Novak's bloody toe, Novak truthers & James being shady
22:05 - Objectivity while talking tennis & Body Serve life lesson tangents
27:30 - The Novak-Monfils bizarre semifinal; Gael's lack of belief, and McEnroe's moralizing
36:50 - The ESPN tennis commentary team
39:50 - Murray's missed opportunity
41:40 - del Potro's stellar showing and his overstated backhand woes
44:50 - Serena loses in the semis, again: good, OK, or disappointing year?
50:52 - Rafa looking good physically but dodgy mentally? 
53:53 - "Suddenly a fascinating period for women's tennis" - get outta here with that mess
59:03 - Odds & Ends (rubbish night match scheduling, CoCo messy again & Brengle's bizarre injury)


Aug 27, 2016

US Open Preview & Thirst Trap Olympics

Episode 54 brings you our preview of the 2016 US Open. We're combing the draws for storylines, but as usual we avoid predictions. Listen for our thoughts on Madison Keys; dangerous floaters like Del Potro, Puig, and Kvitova; Novak and Serena's fitness and form; and players we'd love to see break out. We also award medals in the Thirst Trap Olympics, recognizing those male players who are doing the most to inspire internet thirst. 

2:00 Serena's draw and what "tough" means for her
6:00 The Venus & Radwanska quarter: is Pliskova a threat?
10:00 Women's bottom half - Keys gets the 8 seed
14:15 Puig-Muguruza in 3rd round?
18:45 Men's top half - Djokovic's draw is not so easy
21:00 Is Cilic a contender?
22:30 Some advice to the USTA about night matches
26:30 The absolute clusterf*** of the men's 3rd quarter
32:30 Some fantasy scenarios/players we want to have a good showing
40:00 Thirst Trap Olympics: which male players are trying hardest to get tongues wagging?


Aug 23, 2016

Signing Out of Cincy: An Interview with Sania Mirza

In Episode 53, we're sharing our experiences from the Western & Southern Open in Mason, Ohio; Jonathan as press and James as fan. Listen to Jonathan's impressions of tennis reporting, and James' stories about the food, the practice sessions, and a few brushes with fame. But the real centerpiece of this episode is Jonathan's sit-down with the engaging, thoughtful Sania Mirza, doubles no. 1 and recent Cincinnati champion.

2:00 James talks about his time in Cincinnati: rain, mud, and calzones
6:30 Osaka-Gavrilova
13:30 James' encounters with famous people
16:00 Jonathan's experience as press in Cincinnati
24:30 Applebee's changes their hours .... late night in Mason, Ohio
33:45 Pliskova def. Kerber, salvages Serena's no. 1 ranking
39:45 Women's doubles final - Mirza/Strycova def. Hingis/Vandeweghe
45:25 Interview with doubles no. 1 Sania Mirza


Aug 20, 2016

Cincy Dispatch: Interview With Svetlana Kuznetsova

Episode 52 brings you the first ever player interview on the podcast. Jonathan sits down with Svetlana Kuznetsova in Cincinnati. The current world #10 talks everything from being in control of her career, playing Serena, to telling us which musical diva best encapsulate her (#TennisDivas). Jonathan also reports on some of his observations from his week covering the Western and Southern Open, most specifically inside player press conferences. Enjoy the interview and check back for episode 53 which will feature a one-on-one with Sania Mirza!

00:35 - James says hi from Toronto
03:15 - Interview with Svetlana Kuznetsova!
13:12 - Fast Five with Sveta
15:08 - Jonathan gives some press conference insights from Cincinnati
18:12 - It's always best to watch a press conference rather than read a transcript
20:42 - Rafa debunks rumour he was turned away from a restaurant in Rio
21:43 - Kerber the new WTA #1? 
24:10 - Rafa says no new injuries, just needs some rest

Aug 15, 2016

Are You Feeling Very O-lympic Today?

It's episode 51, and we're wrapping up an eventful Olympic tennis event: the upsets, the Delpo miracle, Puig's big win, and diving in headfirst on issues of race, identity, and political action. You know, light stuff like that. 

0:45 Are we feeling very O-lympic today? Some qualms with Olympic tennis
6:30 Del Potro def. Djokovic, then wins silver
10:45 Other winners: Murray, Nishikori's hygiene, Nadal, gold medalist Monica Puig!
15:30 Venus wins 5th medal, a silver in mixed with Ram
19:00 What's the place of Olympic tennis in the sport in general?
21:30 A racially charged question at pre-Olympics press conference
24:00 Self-identification, generational divides, race, and the "Starbucks model"
33:30 James takes Fast Quiz #2
37:45 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas Brad Gilbert gets mean on Twitter vs Jack Sock
41:30 A Body Serve update - we're in Cincinnati right now ... stay tuned!


Jul 30, 2016

Roger That: Tennis Comes Home to Canada

Celebrate our 50th episode with us! This one is jam packed - catching up with the past few weeks of tennis, telling you about our adventures at Rogers Cup Toronto, reviewing the Serena doc, performing a dramatic reading, and taking a tennis quiz!

:30 Hey! It's Episode 50!

4:00 Big news: Huge announcements from Vika and Roger
9:00 Recent winners: Konta, Karlovic, Monfils, Deliciano, etc.
12:30 Talking about being on-site at Toronto - where's all the free stuff?
17:00 Up and coming Canadians
22:30 Dimitrov on the right track?
25:45 We saw a LOT of Gael Monfils
36:45 Checking in on the women, in Montreal - Halep, Keys, Kerber, Sveta, etc.
43:30 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas: Nicole Gibbs draws Coco's ire
49:15 Let's talk about Serena, the documentary - BJK, the Conga, USO heartbreak, Venus has jokes, and much more
1:08:00 Dramatic Reading: Favorite lines from the Serena documentary
1:10:00 James takes the Fast Quiz

Jul 10, 2016

It’s A Williams World At Wimbledon

Episode 49 gives you a bit of everything we've been known to talk about on The Body Serve: Serena, Venus, Andy, Beyonce, Mariah, Lemonade. We're here to recap a brilliant fortnight for Serena and Venus at Wimbledon, congratulate Andy Murray, and welcome our guest Stephanie Neppl (@StephintheUS) to the show! You'll hear us revel in the Williams Sisters' singles and doubles success, go to bat for the depth of the WTA, and chat with Steph about her time at Wimbledon, including sitting beside Isha and very close to Oracene! Oh, and you won't want to miss our dramatic reading of some of Venus Williams' best quotes from Wimbledon!

2:45 Serena Williams gets 22

7:30 Kerber the clear no. 2 player right now
12:00 The Serena-Patrick coaching relationship
17:45 Building the Williams legacy with another doubles win
27:00 Taking a moment to praise Venus
30:00 A dramatic reading of Venus Williams wisdom
35:00 We talk about not talking about Marion Bartoli
38:30 Those infamous BBC tweets
42:00 Depth on the WTA - "No. 2 by committee"
47:10 Men's wrap-up: Andy Murray wins Wimbledon #2
57:45 Raonic's coach John McEnroe calling his matches for ESPN
1:04:40 Interview with @stephintheus, Williams superfan and Wimbledon attendee
1:12:00 Steph sat next to Isha & Oracene at Venus' match!!!


Jul 4, 2016

Mid-Wimbledon Chit Chat

We're back to chat about the first week of Wimbledon 2016, upsets and all. Later in the episode, Michael Lewis returns for his second appearance on the show to tell us about his first trip to the All England Club. We close the show by issuing a few thumbs up and thumbs down before getting into #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas.

2:00 Both French Open winners are out!
13:00 Looking at the women's draw: who's left, great match-ups, Serena-Sveta XIII
23:30 Shall we talk about court assignments?
27:45 Men's draw 
36:45 Interview with Michael Lewis, who just came back from his first visit to Wimbledon - the quiet, the pomp, and poppin' bottles
44:30 A few players he saw: Federer on Centre, Venus, Dustin Brown, Vandeweghe, Vinci-Riske
59:00 Sneaking into good seats with the aid of Body Serve friend @stephintheus
1:06:30 Thumbs Up to Marcus Willis, Queen Venus
1:13:30 Thumbs Down to boys behaving badly
1:17:00 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas Serena gets petty af; or, the "we all hate each other" fallout

Check out our guest Michael Lewis' Wimbledon blogging here.


Jun 25, 2016

WimbleTon Preview 2016

It seems like Roland Garros just ended, but tennis barrels forward. In episode 47, we talk about who's prepared for Wimbledon, who might Brexit early (we're looking at you, Roberta), and checking in with the Sisters Williams. Who are your picks? Can Thiem reach another semi? Will Madison break through in a big way? Is Novak unstoppable?

3:30 The quest for 22, Part IV: Serena's draw
9:30 Early exits: Vinci, Bencic, Errani?
13:30 Venus gets the #8 seed
20:00 Men's draw, starting with Djokovic & Federer
27:00 Men's bottom half - is anyone stopping Andy?
33:00 Five players with a shot
35:45 Ranking and seeding chatter
40:00 Mouratoglou's messy comments
43:30 Celebrating Pico Monaco, 2016 Thirst Trap Points Leader

WTA Wimbledon Preview

ATP Wimbledon Preview


Jun 8, 2016

Roland Garros Recap & Sharapova’s Two Year Ban

We start episode 46 with a last-minute discussion of the news of Sharapova's 2-year ban. We break down the ITF report, talk about what "intent" actually means, and what this all might mean for Sharapova and tennis' future. Then, we chat about the second week of Roland Garros, which turned out to be, well, disappointing for us. Ignore how petty James is and enjoy our discussions about Bartoli's verbal diarrhea, more Kyrgios vs. Kitty Chiller drama, and what the future holds for Muguruza. 

0:00 Breaking news! Sharapova gets 2-year ban
2:15 What "intentional" means
19:30 Roland Garros recap: Serena's loss to Muguruza
26:00 Is Muguruza the real deal?
34:30 The Rant: Taking aim at Serena's fairweather "fans"
41:30 The warring fandoms
45:00 Serena passes currently banned Sharapova as top-earning female athlete
50:30 Bartoli's major gaffe exposes the blurred lines in tennis
55:00 Men's results: Novak wins Career Slam, 4 in a row, and we are petty af
1:01:15 Kyrgios' withdrawal and questioning the "Olympic spirit" fallacy
1:08:45 Some good news: Venus is back in the top 10!
1:12:25 Comebacks by Ashleigh Barty and del Potro

This Week In Tennis

Racquet Magazine Kickstarter

Sharapova verdict


May 29, 2016

Mid-French Open Chat: Vamos Another Day

Presenting episode 45: simultaneously mourning Rafa's withdrawal and basking in Venus' run to the fourth round. We also talk the Murresmo split, Lepchenko's silent ban, Cornet's drama, McEnroe's new pupil, the round of 16 matchups, and give our dream finals. Oh, and we begin the show with a recap of seeing Beyonce at her #FormationWorldTour.

1:00 First, we went to see Beyonce!
8:30 Rafa's withdrawal
14:20 Varvara Lepchenko serves a silent ban for failed drug test
17:30 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas: Cornet is far too much
24:00 Andy Murray's split with Mauresmo & his 5-set matches
27:30 Serena's snapchat & the Williams Invitational
34:45 You say zebra, I say hideous
39:00 Raonic hires John McEnroe
46:15 Stacked doubles draws
48:45 Breaking down the women's Round of 16
53:30 Venus def. Cornet in 3rd round, sans drama
59:30 Bacsinszky, Kuznetsova, Muguruza, Stosur, etc.
1:04:00 We share our dream finalists
1:05:00 Men's Round of 16: Djokovic, Thiem, Stan, Nishikori, Gasquet, Murray
1:11:00 Dream men's finalists

Episode brought to you by Racquet Magazine: a new tennis quarterly. Learn about the project here.

Don't forget to check out the Racquet Mag's Instagram page. 


May 21, 2016

Roland Garros Preview: Breaking Down The Draws and Introducing Racquet Magazine

Episode 44 is our Roland Garros preview. We start with the men's side, which got a whole lot more interesting a few weeks ago, with Rafa's resurgence, Andy's rebirth on clay, and Novak suffering a few setbacks. Next, enjoy our chat with Caitlin Thompson, co-founder of the new print-only Racquet Magazine and co-host of The Main Draw podcast. Stay tuned for info on how to subscribe or donate to Racquet's Kickstarter. Finally, we talk about the women's draw and, honestly, your guess is as good as ours. 

1:30 Honoring Roger Federer's streak of 65 straight majors
4:45 Is Rafa's draw "shockingly horrible," as James thinks?
7:00 We can agree, though, that Novak's is a cakewalk
11:30 Debating the merits of playing the week before a major
15:30 Men's bottom half: wtf
25:00 Our chat with Caitlin Thompson
30:00 Previewing Racquet Magazine & why you should be as excited as we are!
50:30 How to subscribe, donate, and get some awesome gifts
54:15 Previewing the women's draw - starting with Serena, as always
57:00 Is Azarenka really the second favorite?
1:00:00 Checking in with Venus, Timea, Kerber, Madison
1:06:15 Women's bottom half: your guess is as good as mine

Racquet Magazine Kickstarter

#ThisWeekInTennis: ATP Preview

#ThisWeekInTennis: WTA Preview


May 16, 2016

Rome Recap

In episode 43, we attempt to digest ALL that happened in Rome last week. First things first, Serena's back with a big win. Andy Murray finally beats Novak again in a big final, with assists from Rafa and Kei. Were you as perplexed by Djokovic's erratic behaviour all week as we were? We try and get to the bottom of it during our extended "Rant" which also includes discussions of Tomic, the Aussie Olympic fiasco, and Grigor's meltdown in Istanbul. As usual, the episode is timestamped for your listening convenience. 

2:12  -  Serena Williams, "back right smack dab in the middle of everything."
6:43  -  Keys a future #1, so says Serena 
12:50 - A yet improved Rafa, sifting through the positives
18:20 - Andrew Murray, Baron of Clay
20:40 - Murresmo call it quits
22:18 - Getting to the bottom of Novak's erratic week in Rome
42:30 - Tomic, Kyrgios & the Kitty Litter of Aussie Olympics
47:12 - Grigor's abomination 
52:20 - Coco's coach tells her to "quit being a pansy" #GoReadABook
61:11 - Venus back in the top 10? 


May 1, 2016

The Spelling Bey: Lemonade Quenches Our Thirst

00:30 #LEMONADE Discussion: our favorite songs and more
15:00 Big Ups to Safarova, Bacsinszky, Schwartzman, and Giorgi beats Errani
17:20 Serena withdraws from Madrid: work-life balance! 
24:00 Are we worried about 2016 and her no. 1 ranking?
29:30 Rafa sues Roselyne Bachelot for defamation
33:30 Olympic qualifications - how do they work?
38:15 Male Objectification Hour: Our Thirst Trap Lists
47:00 Who are we attracted to but feel slightly shameful about?
52:30 Jonathan's spelling pedigree
54:45 The Spelling Bey: we spell the toughest ATP & WTA names

Apr 25, 2016

Rafa Is Coming

1:00 Lemonade is here!!! Serena shares her throne
9:15 RIP Prince
12:30 A week in the life of Serena Williams: Laureus, Snapchat, Beyonce, tacos
15:00 Rafa Nadal changes the ATP season
17:30 Turning point of Rafa's season: Thiem? Zverev?
22:30 Winning without his best
26:00 Kerber defends Stuttgart title: What slump?
28:00 Other standouts: Buyukakcay, Falconi, and Laura Siegemund 
32:00 Good Petra was back, for a week at least
33:30 Giorgi update
37:00 Kei on Klay
40:00 Djokovic's Monte Carlo loss
44:00 The Nadal-Murray matchup and the ugliness it brings out of Andy
48:00 Shoutout to a few of our old faves, Fed Cup captains Conchita Martinez and Amelie Mauresmo

Nadal Wins Again, Kerber Keeps Rising - Vol 16 of "This Week In Tennis"


Apr 11, 2016

Doubles, Debtors & Divas

Episode 40 is here! We're covering Miami, the Giorgi-Italian Federation guerra, doubles domination, and taking a much-needed break from "issues."

1:30 Catching up with us - Kinky Boots & Diana Ross!

7:30 LaPorsha & the "lgbt lifestyle." Huh?
12:00 Becoming a Sloane Stephens fan, by James
19:00 Instagram fave Pico wins Houston!
22:00 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas: Camila Giorgi vs. the Italian Federation
28:30 Vika wins Sunshine Double
35:00 Veterans Kuznetsova & Monfils step up
38:00 Catching up with doubles: Bucie, Santina, Bryans, Mahut/Herbert
41:30 French photo journalist's equipment stolen in Miami, Cornet starts crowdfund
44:00 Previewing the upcoming European clay season 

Mar 25, 2016

Deja Vu All Over Again

2:00 James revisits Djokovic's comments and follow-up
10:30 Roger Federer tries to add some nuance, and fails
14:00 Warring fandoms and how we interpret players' words
17:00 Tennis Twitter's Manic Monday: Nicole Gibbs stands up
24:00 Andy Murray drops in to read Stakhovsky down
30:00 Neil Harman stops by for no reason
33:00 Going to bat for Andy Murray, currently the only ATP advocate for women
38:45 The trouble with allies/having a daughter makes you a feminist?
46:00 Hashing out the major arguments for/against equal prize money, briefly
50:00 Higher-faster-stronger is not the only measure of athleticism
55:30 Our case for the moral argument in favor of equal prize money
57:30 In praise of Billie Jean King
1:01:00 BJK and Chrissie Evert share great anecdotes about the 70s
1:06:00 Why are the men not focusing on pay disparity on the ATP? Instead, they prefer to blame women.
1:11:00 Big ups! Gibbs, BJK, Andy, and more


Mar 21, 2016

All Hell Breaks Loose

1:00 Getting right into the Sharapova announcement
4:30 Debunking the myth of the purity and virtue of drug testing
15:00 The spirit of the law: what can players do to gain an advantage?
19:00 Maria's true colors come out in her Facebook post
23:00 Reactions from Serena, Venus, WTA, sponsors
29:00 White privilege is real
33:30 UNION
39:30 Venus' return to IW and her Players Tribune essay
45:00 Raymond Moore, misogyny, and our continued gross feelings about Indian Wells
53:45 Novak Djokovic's ill-considered comments on women's tennis
1:01:30 Players should take a sport history course at WTA/ATP University
1:04:15 Talking tennis, briefly: women's final, Rafa, Novak, and a few others who had a good week

Vol. Eleven of #ThisWeekInTennis: "Sexism Row Casts Another Shadow on Tennis at Indian Wells"


Feb 29, 2016

Fresh Off The Court

0:30 Oscar Recap: white people laughing
12:00 Fresh Off The Boat's tennis episode starring BJK!
14:45 Appreciating Michael Chang
17:30 Big news: a listener happened upon Serena Williams at the gym while listening to The Body Serve!
19:00 New segment: #WheelAndComeAgain - Rafa, Simona, Petra
26:30 #BigUp to Sloane Stephens, now a 3-time WTA champion
30:45 Dominic Thiem: All I Do Is Win
36:00 Marcos Baghdatis, finalist in Dubai
38:30 Stanley's 9-match win streak in finals
42:00 Carla Suarez Navarro wins Doha, destroys ARad in the process
47:30 Verdasco's #thirsttrap
48:30 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas: Novak's eye problems

New #ThisWeekInTennis -"Thiem At It Again"


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