Out Here Ons Her Own


Two drop shots to rule them all: Ons Jabeur wins her first WTA 1000 title and Carlos Alcaraz slices through two GOATs and a [redacted] to win his fourth title of the year. In a shorter episode than usual, we chat about Madrid, the ongoing comebacks and retirements, Shapo Music’s spectacular unraveling in Rome, and more.  


3:50 Ons Jabeur wins Madrid!

10:00 What were we saying about the WTA top 10 a few months ago? Well …

17:10 The final weekend scheduling in Madrid makes the women an afterthought, again 

22:30 Carlos’ achievements are undeniable – but some context, please!

31:00 Et ceteras: Murray, Wawrinka, Thiem; Andreescu’s break and return 

35:05 Kevin Anderson & Gilles Simon retire 

40:05 Denis Shapovalov’s absolute shit fit in Rome

43:45 WTA is getting a 1000 tournament in Mexico!

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