My Funny Mail-entine: TBS Mailbag Part II


Welcome back for the second part of our mailbag episode, made possible by February boredom and listeners like you. This time around we’re talking about the changes to tennis during pandemic times and whether we’d like to see them stay; our thoughts on Bravo, Drag Race, and TV in general; our Tennis Housewives dream cast; and a bunch of other thought provoking tennis questions. 


02:00 Our thoughts on the changes to tennis (Covid-related or not) - electronic line calling, towels, no-ad, etc.

13:35 FMK: Tennis HABs

16:00 Has your bandwidth increased for the ATP after the Australian Open?

22:40 Thoughts on Drag Race season 14

27:40 Favorite TV of the year so far + Bravo updates

38:25 Which tennis pro’s shot would you want for yourself?

42:35 How to assess a player’s success outside of the Slams? What are the other metrics even if you’re not a Slam winner?

52:00 Real Housewives of Tennis dream cast

56:50 Janet Jackson finally gets her flowers – she is the blueprint, kids!

65:05 Reiterating The Body Serve’s mission statement, if you will

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