Sep 28, 2017

Roger’s Cup & Other Tennis Etcs

So what did you all think of Laver Cup? We share our thoughts on the inaugural event: the Fedal hysteria, Roger's ownership stakes, the "exhibition" argument, and the lopsided nature of the teams. Meanwhile the Asian swing is picking up steam, with Wozniacki defending in Tokyo for her first title of 2017 from seven finals. We update you on James Blake's ongoing battle with the NYPD before closing with a few etceteras, namely a bunch of things we like/dislike.


01:17 What was Laver Cup (exhibition or nah) and should we care?

06:34 Roger's Cup

09:54 Men-only problem? What would a women’s (or joint) event look like?

14:47 Roger and Rafa continue to carry a fortunate ATP & men's tennis

17:30 A very strange fairytale analogy & no sympathy for Berdych

29:05 Wozniacki finally crosses the finish line, defends in Tokyo

30:25 Kerber making it through the rain?

33:33 Other winners: Ostapenko wins, James thirsts for Dzumhur & tears flow in Metz

39:23: Singapore udpate: everybody's qualified all of a sudden

44:02 James updates us on James Blake's ongoing battle with the NYPD

47:12 Things we like/dislike: a bunch of TV (surprise) & a pedestrian rant.

Sep 12, 2017

Sloane Storms NY & El Decimosexto de Rafa

Welcome to episode 96 and our U.S. Open recap. By now you know that Sloane Stephens and Rafael Nadal are your singles champions. It still doesn't seem real, but we try to get to the bottom of a truly inspired performance by Sloane in New York. Nadal put aside a shaky start to the tournament to find some of his best tennis, finishing with a sublime exhibiton against Kevin Anderson in the final for his 16th Slam title. We revisit some of the more memorable moments and performances from the tournament, and induct our second ever member of The Body Serve Hall of Fame. We finish with another trip to the Maria well, this time to call out the racist BS from the Serena chapter of her book.


01:18 Jonathan apologizes to Venus fans and to Sloane

03:20 How exactly did Sloane do ALL THAT?!?!

11:21 Sloane evolves before our eyes, pitch perfect on and off the court

16:52 Venus and Petra are THE TRUTH; they deliver the goods again!

22:50 El Decimosexto de Rafa: proving the doubters wrong yet again

29:06 All the credit in the world to Kevin Anderson

34:33 Relitigating the start of 2013 and "I Made You"

44:36 Doubles Standards: time to up the ante

49:43 TBS Hall of Fame: Arigato, Kimiko

54:10 Parsing through the post-Open rankings

60:58 Alicia "Tornado" Black: GO FUND HER!!!

63:08 Sashay away, Tom Rinaldi!

66:54 Maria is truly unstoppable...with the MESS! We have had it.

Sep 4, 2017

US Op-ocalypse 2017: A Mid-Major Chat Featuring Rene Denfeld

Despite the missing stars, the 2017 US Open has offered no scarcity of big stories: Sharapova's return, Peak Petra defeating Muguruza, Venus' continued good form at majors, and the excitement around Denis Shapovalov. We're so excited to welcome back the insightful Rene Denfeld to the show. The Tennis Twitter-lebrity is covering the US Open for the first time as a journalist, and he shares his thoughts on Sharapova, Fognini, the draws, and what it's like to be there.


:35 What a day: James just got Twitter famous, Venus won, and Maria lost

8:00 The great women's round of 16s
11:00 Unpacking Sharapova - the scheduling, the "shade," the reception; or as James calls it, "a feeling of grossness"
21:45 Roger and Rafa's rocky starts to the tournament
26:15 The wild men's bottom half - Querrey, Anderson, PCB or Schwartzman in a major final
29:00 The Shapovalov hype!
33:00 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas Fabio does Fabio. There's a reason that fogna means sewer
38:00 The problem with "I'm only here for the handshake"
42:10 The wonderful Rene Denfeld is back on the pod, straight from Queens
50:40 Talking with Rene about the weird men's draw, Shapo, Rafa's slow starts
1:00:30 What's it like to be on camera as a reporter? (Rene gets gif-ed)
1:03:50 Did you know? Rene was responsible for Naomi Osaka's excellent 'mesothelioma' monologue
1:08:30 Rene's favorite moments so far

Aug 26, 2017

US Open Preview: Where My Boys At?

The last major of the year is here, and lots of top players are not *sob*. We're completely foregoing draw analysis this time around, instead asking broader questions and talking about players who we hope make a splash. Is it fair to call the women's tournament "wide open?" Did Andy owe it to anyone to pull out earlier? Will James ever learn not to pick Tsonga?


:30 Back in Toronto! We saw Mariah & Lionel!

8:20 Where are the mens? Andy adds himself to the disabled list
14:00 What's with the pressitude about Andy's timing?
18:00 Halep & Shapovalov ... err, Sharapova will meet in the first round
22:00 Troubling the "wide open" draws discussion
24:30 Looking at the big performers at non-Slam events (Svitolina & Zverev) and how they will perform at the Open
31:00 You can lead James to water but you can't make him drink (there must be a thirst joke in here somewhere)
32:45 The players with momentum: Dimitrov, Kyrgios, Muguruza
38:45 Who do we hope to see break through?
49:50 Things we dislike: the USTA loves to talk about itself; and how will the flag-waving be received this year?
52:45 Things we like: that Nike shoot with the les Canadiens!

Aug 22, 2017

Cincy Wrap: Barty Party and More Mailbag

This is our final episode on the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati. We're recording in the car again, chatting about the semis and finals, answering more listener questions, and talking through some issues around race, journalism, and access. The center of the episode, though, is our interview with Australian singles and doubles player Ash Barty, who took out Venus Williams in Cincinnati. 


:30 Hello from the car, again

3:30 White Castle *is* as bad as everyone said
6:30 Women's semis and finals in Cincinnati
16:30 Kyrgios def. Ferrer - an entertaining match
21:00 Men's final: Dimitrov's moment
24:00 Our interview with 4-time Grand Slam doubles finalist Ash Barty!
38:15 More listener mailbag: why was Sloane on court 4? How did we get into tennis?
46:30 Which players were our favorite interviews/press conferences? Some brief audio clip from our favs
58:30 More questions
1:08:00 Some thoughts about access, journalism, and getting good content 

Aug 18, 2017

Cincy Special: Francoise Abanda and Listener Mailbag

We're excited to bring you a sit-down chat with the first Canadian player on our podcast, up and coming Montrealer Francoise Abanda. We also answer some of the questions you all were so generous to ask us, with the help of friend and listener Chad. The rest is just us: recapping the stunning Muguruza-Kuznetsova quarterfinal, the perplexing men's draw, Querrey's rudeness, and more happenings from on-site.


2:00 Muguruza-Kuznetsova insta-classic 

8:00 The odd men's draw: Rafa the only superstar left
9:20 Odds and ends - Giorgi's no handshake, Sam Querrey's abominable behavior, Makarova-Kerber epic
15:00 Thiem - our analysis of Thiem proved to portentous (lost to Ferrer after we taped)
18:00 Our sit-down with Francoise Abanda, our first Canadian player on the pod!
32:20 Our listener mailbag, with the silky Southern stylings of Chad (@ccsmooth13)
36:30 Most importantly, what's good to eat here?
45:30 Question from @AnnaMarseille: have any players changed your impression of them after speaking with them in person?

Aug 16, 2017

Catching Up With The Stars Pt. 2

Join us for Round 2 of player pressers - you'll hear good stuff from no. 1 Pliskova, Kerber, Domi Thiem, Wozniacki, Halep, and Svitolina. But first, we catch you up with what's been going on in Cincinnati in our own words: Venus blazing through her first match, Fabio-Dominic play a strange one, the heat, and balancing the packed schedule despite of the withdrawals.


1:00 What we've been up to in Cincinnati today

6:00 The men's draw was already a huge mess - and then Fabio barfed on court
9:15 Venus plays an efficient, powerful match against Alison Riske
14:30 Watching Ash Barty in singles and doubles (Venus' next opponent)
20:50 Meeting tons of Tennis Twitter folks in Cincinnati
25:45 What is going on with the famous Applebee's?
27:00 Getting into the player interview snippets 
32:00 Simona on another level no passengers on her plane ....
40:00 Elina Svitolina talks about her steady rise
44:30 Mega Thiem talks about why he recaps his matches on Facebook
46:26 Angie Kerber brings the honesty
51:00 Karolina Pliskova is funny!
54:45 A few words from Caroline Wozniacki

Aug 14, 2017

Catching Up With The Stars Pt 1

Welcome to our second episode from the 2017 Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati. We are again recording in our car, but this time we've also got outtakes from Monday's player roundtables. On this episode, you'll hear from Muguruza, Nadal, Kuznetsova, and Konta ahead of their opening matches. Nadal dishes on today's news that he will officially regain the world #1 ranking after Cincinnati, a thoughtful Muguruza reflects on her career as a two-time Slam winner, while Kuznetsova and Konta provide a whole lot of levity to the proceedings. Stay tuned to our upcoming episodes this week for more player outtakes from Monday's roundtables.  


02:00 James gives his thoughts on his first ever player roundtable interviews

11:20 Muguruza reflects on being a two-time Slam champion

13:36 Garbiñe gives insight into learning how to keep things closer to the vest, navigate media

16:26 "I like that I like to be in those situations" - Muguruza on embracing the big stages

20:45 Reflecting on her emotional French Open press conference

26:22 Nadal responds to news of reclaiming world #1 ranking

31:35 Sveta for President?

34:29 Who Sveta texts with most, and a BIG BIG laugh

35:36 Konta commits to fun and games, segues to Wimby reflections

40:29 How Jo deals with the trolls: block block block block

44:59 Jo's take on some of the funniest players on the WTA

Aug 12, 2017

On the Road to Cincy

We're on the road to Cincinnati, Ohio from Toronto, basking in Dr Peppers & American junk food. This is our first totally unedited podcast, recorded and uploaded straight from the car. We're catching up on the summer hardcourt season: seeing Venus, Ostapenko, and Kvitova in Toronto; Rafa-Shapovalov in Montreal; Sloane's return and Madison's win in Stanford. We also preview the blockbuster first rounds in Cincy: Madison-Coco and Sharapova-Ostapenko.


:30 What we really sound like, without edits!

5:00 Opening Monday at the Rogers Cup Toronto
7:30 Ostapenko loses to Lepchenko but shows how great she can be
13:45 Petra's back!
15:30 Venus takes the long way, but beats Begu at 11 pm
18:10 A bit of kvetching about annoying fans
26:00 Young Canadian Shapovalov beats Nadal in MTL
30:15 Is it Fedal the rest of the way in 2017? Who else? Zverev.
35:50 Madison Keys is here! And other US hardcourt news
38:00 Previewing the Cincinnati Masters, big first round match-ups
46:00 What we're personally looking forward to in Cincy

Jul 27, 2017

Preacher Teachers: Anything You Have In Mind

We're back with a bit of a mixed bag for episode 88. We begin with a podcast announcement before segueing into the tennis action post-Wimbledon: Novak is done for the year, Andy and Kim are inducted into the Hall of Fame, and David Ferrer resuscitates his career in Bastad. We then parse through the Nastase ITF ban, James takes another tennis quiz, and we introduce the TBS Mailbag! Seriously, we had such a blast answering Twitter questions from some of our listeners. Finally, we close with a segment on some of this year's Emmy nominations.


01:10 TBS announcement

04:47 Novak is out for the rest of the year

08:14 Looking back at Kim and Andy's Hall of Fame careers

14:10 David Ferrer is feeling himself again

16:03 Here we are again: horrendous security at tennis matches

18:13 A Seles side note, pondering the many what ifs

21:58 A Goerges dressing down, a very lucky loser, and weddings galore

25:12 Parsing through the Nastase ITF verdict

29:36 James takes a quiz; SURELY you all can beat him this time around

35:28 TBS Mailbag: we get a bit personal & have a blast! Thanks y'all!

55:55 Emmy nominations chit chat

Jul 18, 2017

SW 19 Wrap: Muguruza Spoils Vee’s Party & Federer as Non-Religious Experience

We've got the Wimbledon blues after Venus couldn't get it done in the final against Muguruza. But, we're here to give full credit to Garbine & Roger for their outstanding fortnights at SW19. When one of the "Big Four" win a Slam, a lot of false narratives pop up from various corners; we're here to debunk a few of those. We also welcome Karolina Pliskova to the WTA penthouse, launch our Hall of Fame, and finish with a holdover discussion of two TV shows we're currently watching.


01:30 Muguruza slays, but why'd it have to be against Venus?!?!

02:25 A lost opportunity for Venus? Why this was different from Australia

09:30 Muguruza is the TRUTH, take a bow

12:20 Assessing the Garbine/Venus pre-finals juju: Conchita is the ex-factor

16:40 Take Venus at her word as a serious contender, and stop infantilizing her in defeat

22:02 Roger and Rafa have both benefited from Djokovic/Murray dip. So what? Enjoy it

25:53 Federer continues to amaze; he is amazing. But, a God he is not

34:25 Fedal fatigue? Rubbish. The men's events just need more competitive tennis

37:05 Hingis swaps Paes for Murray, wins Mixed Doubles...and other doubles news.

40:40 Let me see your underwear, Serena on SportsCenter, & Andy Murray's feminism

47:07 Girl, BYE: Piers Morgan (Trash) and The Telegraph (Trash)

51:14 Karolina Pliskova signs lease for WTA penthouse

52:45 Body Serve HOF: You're a winner for a lifetime, if you seize that one moment in time

59:34 Non-tennis segment: two shows we're watching right now

Jul 11, 2017

Mid-Wimbledon Check-up: Head On Doorframe

Welcome to our mid-Wimbledon show where we recap all the tennis from week one at SW19. We begin with the tennis stories capturing most of the headlines: Rafa's lawsuit against Bachelot is moving forward, "bad boys" Tomic, Medvedev, and Kyrgios generate lots of ink in the British rags, and Venus is exonerated! We also take a few digs at Rena's Army, the AELTC, and Taylor Fritz, before finishing up with the actual tennis, culminating with Manic Monday action.


03:04 Tomic's truth tea & HEAD's BS moralizing

11:32 Medvedev's racist past & boorish Wimbledon behaviour

16:03 Girl, BYE: Palm Beach Gardens Police Department  

23:28 Girl, BYE: The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club

31:20 Wading into the Kyrgios gossip rag nonsense

34:35 Upsets: Stan, Pliskova, and Ferrer beating Gasquet?

38:06 Why is Rena's Army so relentlessly messy, mean-spirited and dark-sided?

40:12 The Fritz "Daddy of the Year" PR video

47:10 So how did those WTA 11-15 seeds fare in week one?

51:51 Manic Monday recap

61:35 Rafa bumps his head, Muller bumps him out of Wimbledon

Jul 1, 2017

Wimbledon Preview: Who’s Coming for the No. 1 Spots?

Join The Body Serve for some Wimbledon draw analysis, some bold predictions, and some tea. Five women and four men can potentially grab the no. 1 ranking after the tournament is over - who has the nerve? We'll chat about the three comeback queens (Petra, Vika, Sloane), the tough men's bottom half, and why 'wide open' may not be the best desriptor for the women's draw.  


2:55 So many trolls, so little time

7:30 Men's draw - local gentleman Andrew Murray leads the draw
11:00 Wimbledon seeding formula hits Stan hard
13:30 Nadal's quarter: some big hitters and a few grass specialists
18:10 Raonic, Inc., Federer, Dimitrov, and Sascha
23:45 Djokovic's path is lined with tricky opponents
32:00 Interesting things are going on in women's tennis!
35:40 5 women could become no. 1, but some of the biggest favorites are out of the top 10
38:50 Women's top half: Kerber's been done no favours
43:10 Is Pliskova the one to win it all?
46:15 VENUS, Ostapenko, and some huge top 8 question marks
53:45 Comeback queens Kvitova & Azarenka in the Halep/Konta quarter
57:00 More Evans & a potential Wimbledon drinking game

Jun 27, 2017

Hello Grass, BYE J Mac: Don’t Come For Serena Unless She Sends For You

The grass season is upon us and we recap the tennis since Nadal's La Decima, as well as some of the off court happenings ahead of Wimbledon. James Blake showed us he truly cares that the racial justice system changes, while Venus Williams made an All Lives Matter misstep again. We debut "Girl, BYE!" -> a brand new segment where we discuss Dan Evans' positive test for cocaine, and John McEnroe coming for Serena in an effort to sell his book. Finally, we have a kiki about Toronto Pride in our "Things We Like/Dislike" segment.


02:40 Rank 'em: How do you view the four slams?

10:50 Vika's BACK! Wonderful news, but let's temper expectations

12:40 Petra did THAT y'all! Temper those expectations too

17:49 Federer wins Halle again; a word for his fans

21:48 "Classy Federer, powerful Nadal"  -> STOP talking down to us!

28:23 Donna Vekic and the constant sexism directed at her

32:00 James Blake shows us who he is: smart, ethical, and someone who cares the system changes

36:00 Venus steps in the "All Lives Matter" mess again #Disappointed

39:42 Gurl, BYE! Dan Evans tests positive for cocaine

45:34 Girl, BYE! John McEnroe comes for Serena AGAIN; Serena claps back

58:33 Things we like and dislike: Toronto Pride edition

Jun 12, 2017

La Décima: 10 Reflections From Rolly G

Rafael Nadal motored through the French Open field to claim his 10th title at Roland Garros, or La Décima. While his latest French triumph was expected, the same cannot be said for Jelena Ostapenko, who rifled winners past her opponents at will to grab the Suzanne Lenglen trophy. Join us as we relive the most memorable and newsworthy moments from championship weekend at the year's second Slam.


02:20 La Décima, the men's final, and Rafa's annihilation of the field

19:22 Fearless Ostapenko did THAT!

28:20 Halep's missed opportunities on court and off

37:00 Nole lost at sea? We don't have any answers

40:50 Concerned about Dominic Thiem or nah?

43:48 WTA etceteras: Cash aboard the CoCo train, French drama, & Maria is out

51:04 ATP etceteras: Murray's "shock and awe" performance, Stan readies for Wimbledon

54:16 Our most expansive segment on doubles ever? We take some Canadian pride in Dabrowski

60:59 Watching the rankings, the various roads and races

66:38 Test your Nadal knowledge alongside James!

Jun 5, 2017

Mid-Roland Garros Report: All Tea and No Comment


Welcome to our week one recap of the 2017 French Open. We kick things off with a look back at some of the big (albeit few) upsets, as well as the biggest surprises left in both singles draws. Rafa and Novak remain on course for a crackerjack semifinal, while Andy and Stan motor along under the radar on the other half of the men's draw. As for the women, your guess is still as good as ours. We talk about Kiki Mladenovic's possible role as villain on the WTA, before following up on our discussion from last time on the real villain at the moment, Margaret Court.


02:12 Kicking things off with the upsets: throwing Zverev in James' face

06:20 Can we talk about the tarp thing? James goes off

07:51 Petko goes to bat for Angie

10:20 Any bigger surprise than Caroline Wozniacki?

17:02 Women's Draw: your guess is still as good as ours

20:32 Talking the Venus-Timea matchup

28:22 Kiki refuses to lose but how much can she have left?

32:26 Men's Draw: marching right along to another Rafole humdinger?

42:42 Good sportsmanship/humanity the big motif of week one?

47:15 Is Kiki a villain? Is she the villain tennis needs? Does tennis need one?

50:15 Forza, Muguruza!

53:45 Margaret Court is definitely a villain

59:55 Why you say "no comment?"

May 27, 2017

Are You There, Margaret? It’s Me, God: Roland Garros Preview

We're breaking down the draws for Roland Garros 2017, perhaps the most unpredictable women's major in memory. We talk about the overarching themes (La Decima, Novak-Andre, notable absences, and the 10+ female contenders) but we also go in-depth with the draws. After that, we devote a long time to addressing Margaret Court's continued and unprovoked attacks on the lgbt community. We consider what exactly free speech means, the responsibility that comes with it, and the necessity to push back when our queer personhoods and families are under attack.


1:30 The themes of the Roland Garros draw: the wiiiide open women's draw

4:45 Some surprising favorites: Svitolina, Mladenovic, Stosur?
14:00 Going through the draw - which quarterfinals are most likely to happen?
24:00 Our bold and probably wrong predictions for the women's draw
27:15 Men's draw storylines: La Decima, Djokovic-Agassi, Thiem hopes to put a bow on his clay season
37:00 Men's draw analysis: follow along at home!
47:30 Men's bottom half: Nadal, Djokovic, Thiem, and?
50:45 The Rant: Margaret Court gets personal with her bigotry
57:50 The meaning of free speech: why "Everyone is entitled to an opinion" falls short
1:01:00 Why we need to fight back
1:09:00 Finishing on a happier note: WTA players Tara Moore and Conny Perrin are engaged!

May 18, 2017

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The big news this week is that Sharapova will not play Roland Garros, as she was denied a wild card by the French Federation. There's so much tennis news to talk about that we've broken it down into good, bad, and ugly. And man, is there a lot of bad and ugly. But first: Rafa beats Djokovic for this first time since 2014 and wins his third consecutive title.


1:20 The Good: Rafa beats Novak in Madrid - sizing up Rafa and Novak's form

7:30 Hard-hitting Madrid men's final
12:25 Thiem's tournament: looking at Thiem vs. Dimitrov
15:15 Women's final and Mladenovic's endless stream of blunt commentary
22:00 Roland Garros is wide open on the women's side - is there room for Venus?
24:20 Other good: coaching changes, Madrid ball MEN, Schiavone has another great run
28:30 The Bad: Bouchard keeps it petty, with cameos from Maria and Serena
35:00 Juan Monaco announces his retirement
36:15 Federer withdraws from RG
37:45 What to make of the rule changes for the Next Gen Finals?
45:25 Also bad: the two no. 1s are not doing so hot
47:50 The Ugly: persona non grata Nastase hands out the Madrid trophy to Simona ... is Simona problematic?
52:30 Burying the lede: Sharapova will not get a wild card to Roland Garros, main draw or qualifying
56:15 WTA CEO blasts the French Federation, but is their decision technically a "penalty?" Nah.

May 2, 2017

Sharapova Is Back, Let’s Have A Kiki

Maria Sharapova made her return to tennis last week in Stuttgart after missing 15 months for a doping ban. René Denfeld was on site and joins us to recap how it all went down. For the second successive week, Nadal makes double digit history, this time winning his tenth Barcelona title. We finish up with a follow-up to last episode's discussion on geopolitics and nationalism, this time regarding Dan Evans and his continued xenophobia.


01:30 Etceteras: Serena claps back, Roger in Paris, and Khachanov's thighs

07:30 Maria's pressers in Stuttgart

13:43 Maria and Max: an alternate theory

18:34 Talk shit, get hit? Not Kiki

20:35 Noooooobody wants to face Siegemund on clay

26:44 René Denfeld: "one of the brightest lights of Tennis Twitter" reports on Stuttgart

53:04 What to make of Mladenovic and her breakout season

60:04 What's going on with WTA Reactions?

62:32 Rafa's La Décima tour continues in Barcelona

66:07 Dan Evans renews his anti Aljaz Bedene campaign

Apr 24, 2017

Hitting The Fan

Episode 78 is our attempt to make sense of the strange happenings of the past week: the Nastase-fueled nightmare at the Romania vs. GB Fed Cup tie; Max Eisenbud's petty and rude comments; Serena's pregnancy and Patrick Mouratoglou's response; and Rafael Nadal's history-making 10th Monte Carlo title. This episode also features an interview with the engaging and hilarious Caitlin Thompson, publisher of Racquet Magazine and co-host of The Main Draw podcast. Caitlin and James talk about Maria, journalism, Racquet's new issue, and the philosophy that drives the magazine. Stick around for Caitlin's take on the Serena/Beyonce vs. Maria/T-Swift analogy.


0:45 So, uh, did something happen this weekend?

4:30 How are we feeling about Serena's pregnancy now? Are we ok?
10:30 Fed Cup results: USA def. Czech, Belarus def. Suisse
12:40 Romania-GB Fed Cup nightmare
19:30 Geopolitics & nationalism in Fed Cup
33:15 Max Eisenbud, what a mess - but does anyone believe that Max doesn't speak for Maria? - "You are the company you keep"
43:30 Rafa Nadal wins La Decima at Monte Carlo, and it's practically an afterthought
46:50 Cedric Mourier royally screws Goffin, everyone blames Rafa
55:30 James' interview with Racquet magazine publisher Caitlin Thompson - we talk tennis aesthetics, Maria as capitalist, and the new issue 
01:05:00 Caitlin talks sports journalism and the perils of preserving access
01:23:30 Where/how to get Racquet magazine

Apr 19, 2017

Serena Is With Child, And Other Tennis News

Episode 77 truly struggled to be born, interrupted and amended by the news that shook the tennis world: Serena might be -- and then, definitely is -- pregnant. The night before, we recorded a perfectly fine look at the upcoming clay season and a fun #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas about the French Fed Cup madness. All that is still here, but first, we ride the wave of emotions inflicted upon us by the GOAT troll, Serena Jameka Williams. All that and an interview with tennis photographer Daniel Ward, whom Jonathan met at the Volvo Car Open in Charleston, SC.


0:00 Serena's team confirms what we feared: she's pregnant & missing all of 2017

5:00 Our first - now irrelevant - take on the Serena Snapchat bombshell
12:35 The original episode 77, before Serena messed everything up
14:50 Let's talk about the clay season - Novak & Andy are back, Roger's out
22:30 Male players we're watching on the clay
26:45 WTA on clay - Serena's nowhere to be found, but Maria is coming
32:00 The race for WTA no. 1 and other women to watch this clay season
34:35 Schiavone wins title at Bogota, makes RG main draw
38:25 Vicky Duval beats Tomljanovic & Bouchard at Challenger
40:55 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas #FedCupDrama #LOL
54:30 Jonathan's interview with tennis photog Daniel Ward (@uncdanward)


Apr 11, 2017

Charleston, It’s A Wrap

Episode 76 marks the end of our Charleston coverage. We're bringing you our interview with rising WTA star Naomi Osaka, social media phenom and all-around great personality. We recap the Charleston final, the Davis Cup quarterfinals, Eugenie Bouchard's years-long court battle with the USTA, and on-court coaching. We wrap up with some thoughts about protecting queer spaces from bachelorette party madness.


4:25 Wrapping up our reporting from Charleston

12:40 Laura Siegemund's antics - give me the f$#@ing towel
16:20 Kasatkina def. Ostapenko in all-teen final
20:25 Our interview with Naomi Osaka!
36:30 Et ceteras: Serena will retake no. 1 without playing, Sharapova announces name of autobiography, Vika's back in Stanford
41:05 Bouchard v. USTA: the lawsuit that won't end
46:45 Mary Carillo grills WTA CEO Steve Simon - how do y'all feel about on-court coaching?
52:35 Davis Cup quarterfinals: AUS-USA is the only interesting match-up
57:30 Things we dislike - our treatise on bachelorette parties in gay bars
1:02:40 Things we like: food

Apr 6, 2017

Charleston Chat: Mirjana Lučić-Baroni

Episode 75 is our second dispatch from the Volvo Car Open in Charleston, South Carolina. The weather is moody and the top seeds are dropping like flies. Jonathan brings us two interviews: the first a casual chat with two Tennis Twitter pals, and then an engaging sit down with the one and only Mirjana Lučić-Baroni. Also, be on the lookout for an interview with Naomi Osaka on episode 76!


1:15 Jonathan's hectic day in Charleston

4:03 Keys, Venus & Vesnina headline a day of upsets

7:38 Richard Williams sightings all over Charleston

9:53 Assessing what's left of the draw

12:40 A parking lot chit chat with Twitter pals Chad (@CCSmooth13) & Bri (@4TheTennis)

27:43 The main draw: Jonathan's chat with Mirjana Lučić-Baroni.


Correction: James made a mistake - Laura Siegemund was not last year's Stuttgart champ; she was runner-up to Kerber.

Apr 4, 2017

Greetings From Charleston: Speak on it, Venus

We're in two different cities - Jonathan is calling in from Charleston, SC, where he is reporting on the Volvo Car Open. We have fun with our new audio equipment, while bringing you clips from Venus Williams, Madison Keys, and Sam Stosur talking to press at Charleston's All Access Hour. We also recap the results in Miami, which saw Roger Federer beat Rafael Nadal for the third time this year, and hard court phenom Johanna Konta win a big title over Wozniacki.


0:40 James is in Toronto, Jonathan's in Charleston

4:20 Recapping the Miami men's final - Federer def. Nadal
9:00 Federer is damn near unbeatable right now
15:25 Konta def. Wozniacki: Konta on a hard court is a scary proposition
18:45 Venus beats no. 1 Kerber, makes semifinal
22:45 Jonathan saw AND spoke to Queenus, in the flesh - DEAD
27:25 Let's hear from Venus herself
36:50 Sam Stosur impresses in press
41:45 Madison Keys talks Twitter, fans, and what she's most proud of

Mar 29, 2017

Fun and Games With The Body Serve

Episode 73 is a change of pace: a whole episode full of our recurring segments, including The Rant, #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas, the Spelling Bey, and #NameTheTennisPlayer. We devote the first 20 minutes to a particularly enraging moment in John McEnroe history, one which is relevant to the continued debasement of young people of color in sport and elsewhere. After that, it's all fun and games. Your hosts take quizzes, spelling tests, and put forth their picks for the greatest players without a Slam singles title.


3:00 #NameTheTennisPlayer 

4:00 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas #TheRant This one time John McEnroe acted a damn fool (2000 Edition)
9:15 What is it about successful black women that makes people so mad?
16:00 Why are we dredging up an old story now? Echoes in the present
23:45 Poll: who are the greatest players never to have won a Slam?
26:00 Our cases for Elena Dementieva and Helena Sukova
32:15 The men: Rios, Tsonga, Nalbandian, and more
43:10 Jonathan takes a VENUS QUIZ!
49:30 Jonathan's favorite Venus match ever
50:45 The Spelling Bey, Part 2: Retired Players
58:35 Answer to #NameTheTennisPlayer
1:00:10 Big Ups to: Venus, Taylor Townsend, Alex Zverev, Hingis/Chan, and more

Mar 21, 2017

Federer Has Zero Chill

We begin episode 72 with an exciting announcement before segueing into the Indian Wells action. Of course, we couldn't leave the "desert oasis" without women's tennis being degraded in some way. Elena Vesnina and Svetlana Kuznetsova put on a show before Roger Federer continued his 2017 resurgence; we're miffed as to how Fed's been able to transform his backhand. James takes another tennis quiz and we finish the show with a few etceteras: good news on Kvitova's recovery, Sloane's star turn off the court, and some hilarious moments from finals day at Indian Wells.


1:34 A Body Serve announcement!

4:54 Damned if you do, damned if you don't - women's tennis just can't win

7:30 Just come out and admit you don't like women's sport & you hate women's tennis

9:30 A wonderful women's final at Indian Wells

13:58 Venus' bizarre week

16:14 James pulls out a receipt on Vesnina

18:10 Assessing the Williamses return to Indian Wells since 2015

24:20 Federer has zero chill and James is a bit pressed

25:47 How in the hell is Fed's backhand doing all THAT?!

36:35 Other Indian Wells standouts

39:20 Etceteras: Sloane's breakout TV turn, Petra's good news, Stan gets explicit & trophygate

46:35 James takes a quiz!!! (Apologies to James - Muguruza was not an ATROCIOUS guess)

51:50 Things we like and dislike

Mar 6, 2017

Farewell Frantic February, Hello Indian Wells

In Episode 71, we're bidding farewell to a breakneck month of tennis. On the docket: Kerber misses a chance to reclaim #1 in Dubai, but she will have no shortage of chances to do so in the coming months. Meanwhile, the Big Four returned in Dubai and Acapulco to mixed reviews. We're very pleased for Ash Barty and her breakout week in Kuala Lumpur, and we delve into the Sharapova wild card situation re: the French Open. 


1:52 Kerber's missed opportunity for #1, many more to come

4:44 Milos' brittleness holds him back...again

7:24 Thirsting for Thiem #BrokenRecord

8:18 Strange week in Dubai & Acapulco for the ATP

12:41 Federer's surprise collapse, virtuosity & mental strength

21:30 We ain't mad at Nole's 12-word presser

23:50 Rafa's week in Acapulco & the Querrey blitz

27:58 HUGE week for Ash Barty & we ain't mad about that either

30:22 You know Hingis is already on the phone after Garcia/Mladenovic split

35:10 The Sharapova French Open wild card situation

42:27 Tennis Channel Buys

46:03 Small preview of Indian Wells

56:43 One thing we like, one we don't: "One Day at a Time" & hideous male facial hair

Feb 22, 2017

In a February Mood: RBA Is Our Valentine

February is jam packed with tennis tournaments. We attempt to keep up with tennis, while also catching you up on the extra-curricular happenings: the USTA plays the Nazi-era national anthem for Germany, Doug Adler sues ESPN and has a shit-fit on Twitter, Genie goes on that date, and the Grammys make us rage. All that and some discussion of Pliskova, Goffin, Sascha Bajin and Wozniacki, and the eponymous Roberto Bautista Agut.


2:15 Uncle Toni will leave his post after 2017

4:40 Doug Adler sues ESPN and launches a Sharapovian social media blitz
9:35 Are Tennis Twitter and Ben Rothenberg being sued too?
13:40 The USTA's German national anthem fiasco
18:50 Tennis results! Grigor, Zverev, Estrella Burgos win titles
21:00 Tsonga & Pliskova win titles; Goffin reaches top 10
26:00 Nishikori skips Memphis, unleashes hell
29:10 Keeping up with Genie Bouchard's dating life
32:40 Roberto Bautista Agut stands up against homophobia, again
38:00 Grammys update - Travesty 2017 
46:20 Clickbait trash taking aim at Beyonce and Serena (the success of black women is very upsetting to some people)
50:30 Watch Please Like Me on Netflix!

Feb 11, 2017

Never a Dull Moment, Even in February

It's episode 69 AND our 10th anniversary. Somehow, even in the slow month of February, tennis is giving us big stories to cover, including: Denis Shapovalov's Davis Cup default, Canadians Bouchard and Pospisil making headlines for different reasons, the Davis Cup defending champs Argentina falling to Italy, Grigor Watch, Kiki and Svits winning titles, and Monfils vs. Noah drama.  


1:00 It’s our 10th anniversary!

3:30 Denis Shapovalov’s big mistake

10:30 Beyond Shapovalov, a conversation about fines and deterrents in tennis 

17:40 Genie Bouchard gets some good press for a change

20:30 Is Vasek Pospisil getting his mojo back? Other Davis Cup news

25:15 Mladenovic (St. Petersburg) and our breakout pick Svitolina (Taipei City) get titles; Grigor Dimitrov continues his great start to 2017

30:50 Gael Monfils left off French Davis Cup team, plays another sport instead

35:15 We’re launching The Body Serve’s Instagram feed (@thebodyserve)

40:30 Petition to induct Richard Williams & Oracene Price into Tennis Hall of Fame (credit to @mikeson30 and @Alatenumo)

46:50 James takes a Serena Williams quiz




Jan 31, 2017

Aussie Open Recap: GOATs March Through Melbourne

It's episode 68, and we're recapping the entertaining and nostalgic 2017 Australian Open, which saw several of the all-time greats compete in the finals. 35-year-olds Serena Williams and Roger Federer won the titles and tightened their grasp on the GOAT title, despite what Margaret Court wants to say. 


4:15 Women's final: Serena def Venus to get #23

7:45 A household divided (ours, not the Williams')
9:20 Venus doing God's work by taking out CoCo
18:10 Venus is not just a ceremonial figure, she's a contender
22:45 GOAT talk reignited - Margaret Court is salt personified.
29:45 Et ceteras: rankings watch, Konta's run, Lucic-Baroni's return to a Grand Slam semi
33:20 Men's final: Fedal is back, and Roger had a new game plan
42:15 Federer's weird comments about his medical timeout
48:30 Did we miss Novak and Andy?
55:10 Mattek-Sands/Safarova and Peers/Kontinen win doubles titles
56:15 One last Williams topic: Alexis debuts as fiance

Jan 23, 2017

Mid-Aussie Open Report: Old Guard Takes the Happy Slam By Storm

We're checking in midway through the 2017 Australian Open, a tournament marked by the shocking upsets of Djokovic, Murray, and Kerber, as well as the Old Guard (Federer, Venus, Nadal) reminding us that they're still here. We do close reads of a few matches, take another look at Novak's slump, share our frustrations about certain American players and commentators who should move on. 


1:15 Old Guard re-asserts itself, plus upset shockers

3:40 Venus Williams is feeling herself
8:50 Nadal def. Zverev, in what could be a tide turner for Rafa
15:30 Djokovic stunned by Istomin - what's up with Novak?
24:15 Andy Murray goes out to Mischa Zverev
30:15 Grandpa Roger is back, beats Berdych and Nishikori
33:20 Johanna Konta is playing great tennis, will face SW
35:00 Ashleigh Barty reaches 3rd round in singles, beats Hingis/Coco in doubles
37:00 The Bad: Trump-supporting, early-losing, badly behaving American men
44:00 A digression on politics
50:15 Also Bad: TV Commentary
54:30 John McEnroe is mean, hypocritical, and obsessed with demeaning Nick Kyrgios
59:45 Kyrgios' press conference and our shifting feelings
1:05:20 Looking at some potentialities/possibilities of the second week (including a vocal performance from Jonathan) 

Jan 14, 2017

2017 Aussie Open Preview: Big 4 Back Together

It's our second episode of 2017. Here, we're previewing the 2017 Australian Open - keep your draws handy or just listen along to our analysis. Who are our dark horse picks? What are the chances of Serena, Rafa, Angie, Roger, etc? Who do we hope against all odds will have a great showing? 


2:00 Jumping right in: Serena’s draw and her first-round opponent

8:00 Looking at the women’s bottom half – Pliskova is Serena’s biggest threat

9:30 Kerber’s chances – women’s top half

12:45 What kind of form is Garbine Muguruza in?

14:45 Elsewhere in the women’s draw: Halep, Konta, Radwanska, Kuznetsova, Venus

19:15 Women’s first round matches to watch

23:30 Men’s draw: Novak Djokovic is #2 seed, faces Verdasco in first round

32:30 The baffling Raonic-Monfils-Nadal-Zverev-RBA quarter

38:00 Men’s top half – Fed/Murray/Nishikori/Berdych share the same quarter

40:30 What are Stan’s chances based on his draw?

43:15 Interesting men’s first rounders

44:30 Jonathan’s dark horse picks

47:15 Our “wish upon a star” picks

51:30 Caroline Wozniacki gets a little mean

54:45 Sharapova and Stuttgart announce Maria’s momentous return, PR continues to be a challenge

Jan 9, 2017

It’s Not That Bad, Is It? Season 3 Premiere

The Body Serve begins its third season with an extended episode that covers the off-season, the early goings-on of the 2017 tennis season, and some fun and games. We're especially happy to share our new intro, which incorporates quotes from some of our favorite players. Stay tuned for an Australian Open quiz and our nominees for the male players who should start wearing short shorts (for fashion reasons only, obviously).


1:00 January means the Visit Melbourne ad is back! A dramatic reading

5:00 Tennis had no chill in the off-season: Serena-Common interview, Serena gets engaged, Ivanovic retires, Federer Periscopes

13:00 Kvitova shock

18:15 Pliskova wins Brisbane

21:30 Let's talk about Auckland: Serena and Vee underwhelm

27:00 James' mini-treatise on being a Serena fan

30:20 Novak wins Doha; talking about another Novak "incident" 

38:00 Dimitrov beats 3 Top 10 players to win Brisbane

39:45 Taking stock of Nadal's form after winning Abu Dhabi exo

42:45 Mattek-Sands reaches no. 1 in doubles ... misgivings?

46:30 Twitter polls: who do you think will have the best year?

52:45 Et ceteras: Destanee Aiava, Ash Barty, and Jonathan likes Vinci now ....

59:00 Which male players should usher in a short shorts trend? (Accepting a challenge from @themaindraw and @caitlin_thomps)

1:08:00 Jonathan takes an Australian Open quiz!

1:19:30 Some TV shows we're watching

Dec 20, 2016

Return to Stars Hollow

Our tennis season is over, but we're leaving you with one final episode of The Body Serve in 2016. We talk about the much hyped Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls: what worked and what didn't, why Rory is such a problem, which of Rory's exes is the hottest, and how Kelly Bishop and Lauren Graham slayed every scene they were in. We also add to our TV episode and recommend a few gems for you to check out over the holidays.

2:30 What worked about the Gilmore Girls revival? #1 Lauren Graham

9:00 Lorelai and Emily: the central relationship of Gilmore Girls?

16:00 Paris Geller, hilarious and terrifying

20:00 Cameos by Parenthood cast, Sutton Foster, and Stars Hollow: The Musical

22:15 An Emily Gilmore meltdown for the ages

24:30 Rory’s exes are all hot now

28:00 What didn’t work? The last four words

29:30 How do you solve a problem like Rory?

33:45 A small diatribe on stereotyping millennials: we didn’t invent participation trophies

37:30 Things that didn’t work in 2016 but might have in 2000

 41:20 Sudden diversity in Stars Hollow and Hartford

50:00 Who’d you rather: Dean, Jess, or Logan?

54:15 Revisiting our TV episode – talking about Transparent’s representation problems

60:00 Atlanta, Stranger Things, High Maintenance

63:45 In praise of season 7 of Shameless, and especially Emmy Rossum

67:00 Check out Club de Cuervos, Mozart in the Jungle, Chewing Gum, and Fleabag

Dec 12, 2016

Season 2 Finale: Tennis Is Messy AF

Episode 63 marks the finale of our second season. We spend a good chunk of time thanking some of our supporters by name. (Please forgive us if we missed you - it wasn't intentional!) We have lots of fun chit-chatting about the petty, messy, trying, and frivolous moments in tennis this past year. We also take you back to a once-controversial subject in tennis: the Williams sisters' hair, and its role as a signifier of their outsider status. 

3:15 Rundown of 2016's messy af moments in tennis, starting with Gibbs-Stakhovsky-Murray

9:15 Ryan Harrison is doing the most to provoke Tennis Twitter
11:45 A sidebar on politics and why we shan't be tolerating alt-right tennis players
14:30 Tomic and Kyrgios' complicated relationship
20:00 Who's suing whom
22:45 Other insane things: Wimbledon poisoning and a murder trial
26:15 Tomic politely asks a fan for a cup to go with his teabag(ging)
28:00 Discussing Jonathan's WTA Grand Slam Rankings
39:00 James takes a quiz about 2016 title winners
43:35 Our 2017 Breakout Players
48:30 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas - Venus Williams loses some beads at the '99 Australian Open, tennis loses its shit (thanks to @StephInTheUS and her YouTube channel)
1:02:00 We thank our supporters on the air - your support has made this podcast possible! 

Dec 8, 2016

WTF, Tennis? Part Deux

As promised, we're back to recap the second half of the 2016 tennis season, picking up where we left off with the crowning of Djokovic and Muguruza at Roland Garros. We recall the good, the bad, and the absurd thrown our way by the tennis gods: the Williamses at Wimbledon, Cilic's two sets to love woes, and everything del Potro did this season. Also, look out for a previously untold story from Cincinnati regarding our interview with Sania Mirza!


02:22 Sharapova handed a two-year tennis prison sentence

09:18 Putting Dominic Thiem to last time

12:58 Hyperbole alert: Querrey upsets Novak at Wimbledon

15:38 The deleterious effect of Cilic's dark cloud

16:54 Marcus Willis, the fat farm & British press doing the MOST.

18:45 Wimbledon respite for Williams fans

23:05 The hand of God, a trailblazer, and Vladimir Safin elected to HOF

28:10 Rogers Cup: where were you when Federer shut it down?

35:05 Olympic tennis throws a WRENCH in the tennis season

45:16 SanTina calls it quits

47:50 A few untold stories from Cincinnati

57:50 Pliskova effs up our lives & Stan does it AGAIN?!?!

65:53 Blitzing through the Fall: Murray, Woz & Cibulkova

72:21 JMDP bleeds Argentinian blue at Davis Cup

75:25 Leaving on a lighter note, some fond memories of 2016


Trip Down Tennis Twitter Memory Lane

Dec 1, 2016

WTF, Tennis? A Bonanza of Ridiculousness in 2016

Grab your fine-toothed comb as we sift through the first half of the 2016 tennis season. From Vika and Kerber in Brisbane to Djokovic and Muguruza at Roland Garros, James and Jonathan recap the utter madness of tennis in between. Along the way, we remember Bud Collins, get tongue twisted about the Kitty Chiller chitter chatter, and are generally surprised by how much of the season we'd forgotten/blocked from memory. 


04:10 - Vika kicks things off in Brisbane 

05:40 - James' dalliance with being a Sloane Ranger

11:00 - Nole & Rafa get the ATP season underway

13:20 - Remembering Nole's superhuman stretch of success 

15:36 - Australian Open (the bullshit begins)

17:40 - Kerber saves MP in 1st Rd, contemplating the what ifs?

21:32 - Raonic loses to Murray SIX times in 2016!!!

25:54 - Venus wins #49 after an abominable January

28:12 - That wacky week in February

32:48 - That drab outfit, on that drab podium, with that drab conference furniture, and that drab carpet

36:10 - Kerber gets back on track with a little help from her friends

41:50 - Raymond Moore revisited

46:20 - Either the ball goes over the net or it doesn't (remembering Bud Collins)

51:50 - A week in the life of Serena Williams 

52:40 - Rafa feeling himself in April

61:24 - Kitty Chiller chitter chatter

63:43 - ROLAND GARROS -> deluges & disappointments 


Nov 22, 2016

Judy Murray’s Boys Get to No. 1

Help celebrate our 60th episode! We're here -- on a more regular schedule, lately -- to talk about Andy Murray cementing his no.1 ranking by taking out frequent foe Novak Djokovic. Who had the better year? Did the WTFs measure up as a memorable tournament? What the hell is going on with Rafa's hair?

:30 Welcome to our Diamond Jubilee

8:30 Andy Murray beats Novak to win WTFs, finish at #1
18:00 Erase that asterisk
20:15 Has the year-end tournament redeemed itself?
26:00 Who's had the better year: Andy or Novak?
34:45 Why is Andy's behavior viewed differently than Novak's? Thoughts on authenticity, arrogance, and famous Murray misery
44:00 The men's year-end top 10
48:30 Rafa's hair!
50:30 Digression on politics, and discussion of article by @BadToss about viewing tennis in post-election America
56:30 Miscellaneous news: Venus & Serena dedicate courts and community center; the women are still playing in Limoges; Mauresmo is pregnant again; Czechs 3-peat in Fed Cup!
Please, please read the article we talked about in this episode written by @BadToss: "Post-Trump Tennis Fandom"


Nov 13, 2016

The Body Serve TV Awards

Settle in for our second annual TV episode, where we discuss the many, many shows we've been watching. Ideally, we throw in some analysis, some political content, and praise for the women and people of color who are helping to make TV's second golden age so special. Look out for Transparent, Outlander, Jane the Virgin, Insecure, Orange is the New Black, Queen Sugar, and a withering takedown of former fave UnReal.

5:00 Best New Show - OWN comes into its own

15:00 Black Lives Matter on TV in 2016 - the good and the very, very bad
22:45 Orange is the New Black - what to think of its finale?
31:00 Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves Award - we each pick 3 winners
35:00 Changing ideas of what it means to be a good female character
47:30 Tina Lifford, MVP of Queen Sugar
53:00 Transparent season 3 
1:01:00 Best British Detective Series, and James' obsession with accents
1:06:45 Best Resurgence of a once good, then bad show
1:15:45 Biggest Disappointment
1:19:00 Finding Prince Charming, not nearly messy or interesting enough
1:24:00 Best Villain - the Taylor Doose Award
1:29:45 Episodes That Stuck Out
1:33:00 RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race revives the franchise
1:39:30 A final thought on Grace & Frankie

Nov 8, 2016

Andy Murray Sittin’ on Top of the World…Rankings

For episode 58, we're talking about WTA Finals champ Cibulkova, Zhuhai winner Kvitova, and men's tennis' new number 1, Sir Andrew Murray. The ATP and WTA have both seen some big shake-ups recently. We chat about all that, plus James takes a tough quiz on ATP Number 1s - play along at home! 

0:30 Welcome back! Thanks for coming!
5:00 We can't help but like Dominika Cibulkova, WTA Finals champ
10:30 Kuznetsova's magical 2 weeks
13:45 The WTA Pretty Good Trophy in Zhuhai -- though Petra slays once again
19:30 Tying up some loose threads in women's tennis: Kerber, Serena
24:45 Andrew Barron Murray, your new world no. 1
32:15 Sympathies for sad Novak fans? Nah
40:00 The World Tour Final draws - now who's Lendl and who's McEnroe?
43:00 Rankings shake-up: Roger out of top 10, Ferrer out of top 20
46:00 Self-care sidebar
50:15 So what is the deal with Thiem's scheduling?
55:00 James takes a quiz: ATP Number Ones

Oct 18, 2016

Anatomy of Two Suspensions

We're back to take you through Nick Kyrgios and Maria Sharapova's disciplinary drama. We try to figure out where to stand on Kyrgios, why his behavior angers so many, and what the ATP means by suggesting counselling. As for Sharapova, we are not kind about her tasteless media blitz following her (slightly) reduced suspension. Stick around for actual tennis talk - lauding the strong fall performers and looking ahead to Singapore. 

3:00 Kyrgios suspension: warring camps
7:25 Is Nick's perceived apathy the reason so many people are mad?
12:00 What to make of the counselling option? What is the state of mental health in tennis?
21:30 The Swiftian/Trumpesque Media Victory Tour of Maria Sharapova ... where good taste went to die
26:30 James takes you through the details of the Sharapova appeal decision
33:30 Tennis legends invite Maria to WTT charity event, all is forgiven
38:00 Serena's fall swing: Disney World, Color Purple, Formation, NOT Singapore
41:30 Singapore lineup and scenarios
43:00 Big ups to Cibulkova, Wozniacki, Kvitova, Radwanska, Konta, Keys
47:30 Men's fall standouts: Dimitrov, RBA, Murray - can Murray get to no. 1?
51:30 Talking down the Novak slump chatter
54:00 Our faves Venus and Rafa are struggling

Oct 2, 2016

Falling Into The Asian Swing

We're back for Episode 56, talking about the busy autumn swing in Asia. Since we haven't been around for a minute, there's also lots of chit-chat about happenings in the news, doping drama, Black Lives Matter, and a reprise of one of our favorite Mariah covers.

0:40 Welcome and odds and ends: halftime show performer, hunty, Jenners, etc.
8:00 Petra Kvitova's slayful and savage run to the Wuhan title
15:00 Wozniacki's career resuscitation 
18:45 Naomi Osaka has a huge week in Tokyo
23:00 Lepchenko's statement on meldonium use, and what it has to do with Maria
28:45 Therapeutic Use Exemptions - Serena, Venus, Rafa, and Simone Biles
33:15 The case of Bethanie Mattek-Sands .... 
36:30 Serena making headlines even when she's not playing
38:00 Taking up Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Venus, and the project to silence anti-racist movements
45:45 WTA CEO Steve Simon drops a bombshell: shortening women's tennis matches? (Plus some talk about cricket!)

Sep 12, 2016

Kerber & Wawrinka Crowned at U.S. Open

Angelique Kerber and Stan Wawrinka are your 2016 U.S. Open singles champions. Episode 55 takes a look back at the last fortnight of Grand Slam tennis for the year. We've got lots to say about the ESPN commentary (specifically John McEnroe), as well as the insipid narratives whenever Serena loses. Each of the top players gets some play in this episode; we finish things with an "Odds and Ends" segment where we cover "biggest upsets," CoCo Vandeweghe not knowing who Naomi Osaka is, and the horrendous night session scheduling. 

02:44 - The inspiration and heartbreak of Venus' later career
04:36 - Your singles champions: Angelique Kerber & Stan Wawrinka
07:00 - Kerber "Player of the Year" and earning world #1
10:33 - Karolina Pliskova breaks out big time
13:58 - Wawrinka's "crazy" run in big matches
17:57 - Novak's bloody toe, Novak truthers & James being shady
22:05 - Objectivity while talking tennis & Body Serve life lesson tangents
27:30 - The Novak-Monfils bizarre semifinal; Gael's lack of belief, and McEnroe's moralizing
36:50 - The ESPN tennis commentary team
39:50 - Murray's missed opportunity
41:40 - del Potro's stellar showing and his overstated backhand woes
44:50 - Serena loses in the semis, again: good, OK, or disappointing year?
50:52 - Rafa looking good physically but dodgy mentally? 
53:53 - "Suddenly a fascinating period for women's tennis" - get outta here with that mess
59:03 - Odds & Ends (rubbish night match scheduling, CoCo messy again & Brengle's bizarre injury)

Aug 27, 2016

US Open Preview & Thirst Trap Olympics

Episode 54 brings you our preview of the 2016 US Open. We're combing the draws for storylines, but as usual we avoid predictions. Listen for our thoughts on Madison Keys; dangerous floaters like Del Potro, Puig, and Kvitova; Novak and Serena's fitness and form; and players we'd love to see break out. We also award medals in the Thirst Trap Olympics, recognizing those male players who are doing the most to inspire internet thirst. 

2:00 Serena's draw and what "tough" means for her
6:00 The Venus & Radwanska quarter: is Pliskova a threat?
10:00 Women's bottom half - Keys gets the 8 seed
14:15 Puig-Muguruza in 3rd round?
18:45 Men's top half - Djokovic's draw is not so easy
21:00 Is Cilic a contender?
22:30 Some advice to the USTA about night matches
26:30 The absolute clusterf*** of the men's 3rd quarter
32:30 Some fantasy scenarios/players we want to have a good showing
40:00 Thirst Trap Olympics: which male players are trying hardest to get tongues wagging?

Aug 23, 2016

Signing Out of Cincy: An Interview with Sania Mirza

In Episode 53, we're sharing our experiences from the Western & Southern Open in Mason, Ohio; Jonathan as press and James as fan. Listen to Jonathan's impressions of tennis reporting, and James' stories about the food, the practice sessions, and a few brushes with fame. But the real centerpiece of this episode is Jonathan's sit-down with the engaging, thoughtful Sania Mirza, doubles no. 1 and recent Cincinnati champion.

2:00 James talks about his time in Cincinnati: rain, mud, and calzones
6:30 Osaka-Gavrilova
13:30 James' encounters with famous people
16:00 Jonathan's experience as press in Cincinnati
24:30 Applebee's changes their hours .... late night in Mason, Ohio
33:45 Pliskova def. Kerber, salvages Serena's no. 1 ranking
39:45 Women's doubles final - Mirza/Strycova def. Hingis/Vandeweghe
45:25 Interview with doubles no. 1 Sania Mirza

Aug 20, 2016

Cincy Dispatch: Interview With Svetlana Kuznetsova

Episode 52 brings you the first ever player interview on the podcast. Jonathan sits down with Svetlana Kuznetsova in Cincinnati. The current world #10 talks everything from being in control of her career, playing Serena, to telling us which musical diva best encapsulate her (#TennisDivas). Jonathan also reports on some of his observations from his week covering the Western and Southern Open, most specifically inside player press conferences. Enjoy the interview and check back for episode 53 which will feature a one-on-one with Sania Mirza!

00:35 - James says hi from Toronto
03:15 - Interview with Svetlana Kuznetsova!
13:12 - Fast Five with Sveta
15:08 - Jonathan gives some press conference insights from Cincinnati
18:12 - It's always best to watch a press conference rather than read a transcript
20:42 - Rafa debunks rumour he was turned away from a restaurant in Rio
21:43 - Kerber the new WTA #1? 
24:10 - Rafa says no new injuries, just needs some rest

Aug 15, 2016

Are You Feeling Very O-lympic Today?

It's episode 51, and we're wrapping up an eventful Olympic tennis event: the upsets, the Delpo miracle, Puig's big win, and diving in headfirst on issues of race, identity, and political action. You know, light stuff like that. 

0:45 Are we feeling very O-lympic today? Some qualms with Olympic tennis
6:30 Del Potro def. Djokovic, then wins silver
10:45 Other winners: Murray, Nishikori's hygiene, Nadal, gold medalist Monica Puig!
15:30 Venus wins 5th medal, a silver in mixed with Ram
19:00 What's the place of Olympic tennis in the sport in general?
21:30 A racially charged question at pre-Olympics press conference
24:00 Self-identification, generational divides, race, and the "Starbucks model"
33:30 James takes Fast Quiz #2
37:45 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas Brad Gilbert gets mean on Twitter vs Jack Sock
41:30 A Body Serve update - we're in Cincinnati right now ... stay tuned!

Jul 30, 2016

Roger That: Tennis Comes Home to Canada

Celebrate our 50th episode with us! This one is jam packed - catching up with the past few weeks of tennis, telling you about our adventures at Rogers Cup Toronto, reviewing the Serena doc, performing a dramatic reading, and taking a tennis quiz!

:30 Hey! It's Episode 50!

4:00 Big news: Huge announcements from Vika and Roger
9:00 Recent winners: Konta, Karlovic, Monfils, Deliciano, etc.
12:30 Talking about being on-site at Toronto - where's all the free stuff?
17:00 Up and coming Canadians
22:30 Dimitrov on the right track?
25:45 We saw a LOT of Gael Monfils
36:45 Checking in on the women, in Montreal - Halep, Keys, Kerber, Sveta, etc.
43:30 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas: Nicole Gibbs draws Coco's ire
49:15 Let's talk about Serena, the documentary - BJK, the Conga, USO heartbreak, Venus has jokes, and much more
1:08:00 Dramatic Reading: Favorite lines from the Serena documentary
1:10:00 James takes the Fast Quiz

Jul 10, 2016

It’s A Williams World At Wimbledon

Episode 49 gives you a bit of everything we've been known to talk about on The Body Serve: Serena, Venus, Andy, Beyonce, Mariah, Lemonade. We're here to recap a brilliant fortnight for Serena and Venus at Wimbledon, congratulate Andy Murray, and welcome our guest Stephanie Neppl (@StephintheUS) to the show! You'll hear us revel in the Williams Sisters' singles and doubles success, go to bat for the depth of the WTA, and chat with Steph about her time at Wimbledon, including sitting beside Isha and very close to Oracene! Oh, and you won't want to miss our dramatic reading of some of Venus Williams' best quotes from Wimbledon!

2:45 Serena Williams gets 22

7:30 Kerber the clear no. 2 player right now
12:00 The Serena-Patrick coaching relationship
17:45 Building the Williams legacy with another doubles win
27:00 Taking a moment to praise Venus
30:00 A dramatic reading of Venus Williams wisdom
35:00 We talk about not talking about Marion Bartoli
38:30 Those infamous BBC tweets
42:00 Depth on the WTA - "No. 2 by committee"
47:10 Men's wrap-up: Andy Murray wins Wimbledon #2
57:45 Raonic's coach John McEnroe calling his matches for ESPN
1:04:40 Interview with @stephintheus, Williams superfan and Wimbledon attendee
1:12:00 Steph sat next to Isha & Oracene at Venus' match!!!

Jul 4, 2016

Mid-Wimbledon Chit Chat

We're back to chat about the first week of Wimbledon 2016, upsets and all. Later in the episode, Michael Lewis returns for his second appearance on the show to tell us about his first trip to the All England Club. We close the show by issuing a few thumbs up and thumbs down before getting into #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas.

2:00 Both French Open winners are out!
13:00 Looking at the women's draw: who's left, great match-ups, Serena-Sveta XIII
23:30 Shall we talk about court assignments?
27:45 Men's draw 
36:45 Interview with Michael Lewis, who just came back from his first visit to Wimbledon - the quiet, the pomp, and poppin' bottles
44:30 A few players he saw: Federer on Centre, Venus, Dustin Brown, Vandeweghe, Vinci-Riske
59:00 Sneaking into good seats with the aid of Body Serve friend @stephintheus
1:06:30 Thumbs Up to Marcus Willis, Queen Venus
1:13:30 Thumbs Down to boys behaving badly
1:17:00 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas Serena gets petty af; or, the "we all hate each other" fallout

Check out our guest Michael Lewis' Wimbledon blogging here.

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