I Don’t Know (and Other Insights)


As we get older, we get more comfortable existing in the “I don’t know” space, which might be a strange thing to say while also producing a podcast where we share our opinions. But as the debate about Wimbledon rages on, as Boris Becker is sentenced to prison, and in light of your great but tough questions, we’re comfortable remaining equivocal on some things lately. We catch up with the tennis in Europe, check in on some woeful but on-brand missteps, and discuss the Ukrainian players’ response to the Wimbledon decision (something we missed last week). Finally, we end by answering some excellent listener questions – fun, challenging, or both.


1:00 Simona slaying in Madrid, Rafa is back with a tough draw, and catching up w/ Estoril & Munich  

8:25 More on Wimbledon’s decision to ban Russian & Belarusian players

10:50 What have the Ukrainian players been saying?

21:30 Raducanu splits with coach Torben Beltz

26:35 A few of the week’s worst: the PMo self-promo machine, Cirstea, and homophobia from “allies”

35:55 Boris Becker sentenced to prison for hiding assets - another chapter in a sad post-tennis saga

48:05 Madrid asks, how do we employ a creepy private security and surveillance regime while also making it *adorable*? 


50:35 What’s going on with the WTA/ATP collaboration?

59:25 Which tennis players would you recruit during a zombie apocalypse?

66:00 Our cringiest tennis moments

71:30 FMK Bridgerton Brothers

75:20 Ending on some Williams sisters questions

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