(You Make Me Feel Like) The US Open Is Burning, Literally


The late, great Aretha Franklin -- a huge tennis fan -- provides the theme for our episode today, as we tackle the unusually wild first week of the US Open. First, we talk about the actual tennis, the upsets, and the 30th Williams-Williams showdown. Then, we tackle the mountain of extracurricular storylines: Alize Cornet's accidental (pending?) revolution, the fashions, Serena's tutu; and an extended meditation on Kyrgios, our expectations of athletes, and how Nick's personality seems to compel people to overstep their professional bounds. We finish with a very personal tribute to the Queen of Soul.


2:00 Something they can feel: New York brings the heat!

14:45 Ever changing times: early round upsets

20:10 Sisters are doing it for themselves: Williams Bowl XXX

25:40 Respect: the appalling Cornet code violation

32:15 Don't play that song: Catsuit correlation and causation

35:55 Great gowns, beautiful gowns: US Open fashions

42:35 Chain of fools: the men are at it again (Lahyani, Murray-Verdasco drama)

52:10 You better think: Chris Fowler needs some help

1:01:15 We say a little prayer that these boys leave Tsitsipas alone

1:07:50 Sail on silver girl: Our Aretha Franklin tribute