Yes or Mess: A Pop Culture Experience


Grab a cocktail and dive into the pop culture garbage our tattered brains have been thinking about these past few weeks. 2020 has demanded we seek out diversions when possible, and we've got you on that front: 90 Day Fiance, Mariah's memoir and her lost tracks album The Rarities, TV we've been loving, and the week-long election coverage that birthed a million crushes on the #chartthrob Steve Kornacki. Every topic is either a yes or mess - some are both! 

1:30 The US election! Are you tired yet?

14:55 Thirsting for the cable news map guys -- we've got a big batch for ya

19:10 Nene Leakes' new venture

25:25 The Hocus Pocus reunion - this movie is perfectly crafted for millennial gays

28:55 2020 has been Mariah Season all year -- highlights of the memoir

42:00 The Rarities, an album of Mariah's b-sides and unreleased tracks

51:50 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way -- still exploitative but, like, exploitative lite

59:00 TikTok: minstrelsy, WAPs, and a welcome Fleetwood revival

1:09:40 There is a lot of injustice in the world, but nothing worse than Chris Pratt being selected as the least of the four Chrises

1:14:30 TV report: watch The Queen's Gambit, Grand Army, and the Dolly Parton Netflix doc!

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