US Open Wrap: Multiple Things Are True *Oprah Shrug Gif*


There are so many things to talk about from the U.S. Open women's final, but chief among these is that Naomi Osaka bossed her way to a maiden Grand Slam title. We talk about just how awesome Naomi and her game were this past fortnight, before wading into the mess that was the drama in the championship match. We implore listeners to consider multiple things we think are true of this situation, instead of painting this as a black and white issue. We belatedly finish with Novak's 14th - and oh so impressive - Slam title, before revisiting the Pliskova saga and how it could have been avoided.


02:53 Naomi Osaka's star is born

10:33 So, we get to the final...

14:57 Looking at what happened with empathy

23:30 To coach or not to coach

29:42 Why questioning Serena's integrity cuts so deep

35:15 Rules are rules except when they're not

42:34 Serena claims unequal treatment, was it the right time?

46:14 What does it take for people to see blackness at play?

54:28 Where Serena and her team went wrong

66:32 Multiple things are true: to recap

70:40 Novak wins #14 and ATP etceteras

79:28 The Pliskova mess and how we could have avoided it

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