The Ending of That Was Iffy: 2020 ATP Wrap


Episode 215 is our season 6 finale and the ATP companion piece to our WTA Wrap. In this episode, we spend some time discussing the on-court highlights, like Djokovic's stellar start, Nadal's 20th Slam, and Thiem's US Open crowning. But, the pandemic threw tennis for a loop; while women players went mostly quiet, several men engaged in bizarre and selfish behavior, peddling conspiracy theories, spreading pseudoscience, and flouting safety protocols and plain common sense. This year, the off-court noise demands as complete a retelling as the tennis itself. All that and James takes a quiz on the ATP season! Thanks for joining us for a sixth season of The Body Serve, and take care of yourselves. 


01:30 James takes a quiz on the ATP 2020 season

12:19 The ATP Cup? Remember that? James is still not a fan

18:27 Revisiting the Djokovic default at the USO

24:47 That USO final and comparing it to Novotna’s ‘98 Wimbledon

27:41 Nadal achieves yet more history at Roland Garros

32:00 What else stood out to us inside the lines this year?

35:35 The Zverev family has A LOT of curious things to say

43:32 Djokovic kicks off the 2020 covidiocy

47:32 Thiem dodges Covid-19 while traipsing all over the globe

56:35 We’ve got to stop treating grown men as stuffed animals 

65:08 An update on Bernard Tomic’s fingers

67:15 Keeping ourselves honest: revisiting our breakout picks for 2020

70:19 A reflection on what we did this year and crowdfunding the show

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