TBS Live: The Remix


Welcome to our second ever Zoom session - The Remix, where we take listener questions, talk about Dominic Thiem's unfortunate comments and clarifications on those comments, and the larger inequities built into professional tennis. There's not much actual tennis news to talk about, so kick back and enjoy a much more relaxed Body Serve chat.

2:15 Catching up with player social media exploits: Venus, Naomi & Stef, Nick & Andy

7:25 The Dominic Thiem controversy - how to support lower-ranked players and how to answer this question better

11:15 The Ines Ibbou video response sheds light on the inequalities built into international tennis

18:30 This is bigger than Dominic! Bootstraps individualism and tennis' flawed governance

29:15 The WTA/ATP have announced how they will distribute player relief money

33:55 Merger updates

46:40 Please indulge us while we play a "newlywed game," guessing each other's favorite stuff & more

64:00 Live questions - which results would you reverse? Will tennis resume before a vaccine is available? 

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