TBS 100: Having a Gay Ole Time


We're proud to share our 100th episode with you; we weren't always sure we'd get here. We skip the latest tennis news in favor of an extended listener mailbag, made possible by all of your clever and interesting questions. We chat about: the surprising absence of an out gay male player, some guesses as to why tennis is so popular among LGBTQ fans, our dream tournaments to cover and players to interview, our favorite curse words, and we ruminate a little on our purpose and mission as a podcast. We finish up with a review of Battle of the Sexes, and our genuine awe at what Billie Jean and the Original Nine accomplished.


:30 We made it to 100!!!

2:00 TBS Mailbag - answering your very smart questions
4:45 What's the theme of this podcast? What do we do? A Body Serve mission statement of sorts.
7:05 An extended segment on the potential of an out gay male tennis player - where are they, and what are the barriers?
15:20 A related question: What about tennis is so appealing to LGBTQ people?
22:10 Counting on SholzTalk10s for another F-Marry-Kill
35:50 Our favorite moments/episodes from the podcast
38:30 Friends ask us personal questions! Thanks Meg and Agnes.
48:55 Monica and Maria in Puerto Rico
52:40 Elina Svitolina, the latest victim of Rena's Army
57:50 We finally saw Battle of the Sexes, and liked it!
1:05:00 The birth of women's tennis, still framed by the spectacle of the Battle of the Sexes; also Shit Chrissie says & the wicked Margaret Court
1:10:20 The WTA needs to record and promote its history

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