SW 19 Wrap: Muguruza Spoils Vee’s Party & Federer as Non-Religious Experience


We've got the Wimbledon blues after Venus couldn't get it done in the final against Muguruza. But, we're here to give full credit to Garbine & Roger for their outstanding fortnights at SW19. When one of the "Big Four" win a Slam, a lot of false narratives pop up from various corners; we're here to debunk a few of those. We also welcome Karolina Pliskova to the WTA penthouse, launch our Hall of Fame, and finish with a holdover discussion of two TV shows we're currently watching.


01:30 Muguruza slays, but why'd it have to be against Venus?!?!

02:25 A lost opportunity for Venus? Why this was different from Australia

09:30 Muguruza is the TRUTH, take a bow

12:20 Assessing the Garbine/Venus pre-finals juju: Conchita is the ex-factor

16:40 Take Venus at her word as a serious contender, and stop infantilizing her in defeat

22:02 Roger and Rafa have both benefited from Djokovic/Murray dip. So what? Enjoy it

25:53 Federer continues to amaze; he is amazing. But, a God he is not

34:25 Fedal fatigue? Rubbish. The men's events just need more competitive tennis

37:05 Hingis swaps Paes for Murray, wins Mixed Doubles...and other doubles news.

40:40 Let me see your underwear, Serena on SportsCenter, & Andy Murray's feminism

47:07 Girl, BYE: Piers Morgan (Trash) and The Telegraph (Trash)

51:14 Karolina Pliskova signs lease for WTA penthouse

52:45 Body Serve HOF: You're a winner for a lifetime, if you seize that one moment in time

59:34 Non-tennis segment: two shows we're watching right now

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