So Disrespectful: Please Remember My Name


We've recharged our batteries after the draining U.S. Open just in time to catch up with the tennis happenings on the Asian Swing. Aryna Sabalenka continues her march to the top of women's tennis with her big win in Wuhan. We ruminate on what people mean when talking about being "the next Serena," before finally wading into the Davis Cup changes. Hopefully you'll find a bit of levity towards the end of the episode as we stick up for Sloane, torch Verdasco, and speculate on what makes Indian Wells such a fertile WTA stomping ground.  


01:52 The Sabalenka train picks up serious steam

05:05 Tursunov provides great insights as Aryna's coach

13:28 What does it mean to be "the next Serena?"

19:31 Catching up on the winners since we've been gone

28:26 Davis Cup semis & new format

34:15 A healthy dose of skepticism at the Davis Cup changes

45:31 A big big tangent on policing black women in America

60:24 "F@#*ing bitch tried to hit me!"

66:49 Dear Fernando, they are LITERALLY children

68:58 A quick word on Naomi Osaka