Say It Ain’t So


The tennis world received a punch to the gut with news of Jana Novotna's passing; Jonathan tells us how he will remember one of his all-time favourite players. We run through the year-end tennis news: Dimitrov winning the ATP Finals, CoCo's performance at the Fed Cup final, a pair of high-profile coaching breakups, a love match, and Stepanek's retirement. We also marvel at Serena's wedding, the YES vote winning in Australia, and the burgeoning Dimidal friendship, before ending the show with a pair of things that really ticked us off and one that we absolutely adore.


00:45 Remembering the one-of-a-kind Jana Novotna

15:23 Grigor Dimitrov is your year-end champ and new world #3

29:40 Colleen helps the U.S. to Fed Cup glory, is gracious as always

33:34 Cleansing the palate with Serena's wedding

37:36 Cheers, Australia! Loves trumps hate down under

40:10 The Body Serve motto

41:41 The Dimidal phenomenon: we are HERE for it

45:40 Rafa's verdick & Bencic continues her climb

47:40 Splitsville: Caro & Sascha, Murray & Lendl

52:15 Stepanek joins Hingis in retirement; Thiem/Mladenovic confirm love match

55:18 #SeeWhatHadHappendWas: Richard Ingham Evans

61:05 Xtina attempts to climb Mount Whitney

63:53 Thing we dislike: the abhorrent JAMES CORDEN

66:10 Thing we love: the delightful SKAM