Royal Weekend in Rome


Rafa Nadal rights the ship on clay with a gritty win over Sascha Zverev, and Svitolina defends her Rome title with far less drama. We also cover Francoise Abanda's charges of racial discrimination, Sascha Zverev's stunning hot streak, Djokovic's resurgence, and we spend a good while on our See What Had Happened Was: Karolina Pliskova's shocking tantrum in Rome.


1:40 Il Re della terra battuta: Rafa wins 8th Rome title

4:45 Sascha Zverev's game is steadily improving (except the volley) - expect him to change his fortunes at majors
10:00 Djokodal 51 - great signs for a resurgent Novak
15:20 Elina Svitolina defends Rome title, winning 8 straight finals
19:30 The Sharapova-Halep semifinal was - well, it was something
26:50 Canadian no. 1 Francoise Abanda addresses racism in tennis
34:00 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas: Karolina Pliskova melts down, smashes umpire's chair
40:55 What would be the reaction had someone else done this? (Take your pick)
45:00 The umpire was wrong, Karolina was wrong, but only one of them acted with aggression and malice