Ribbon With A Bow On It


We’re back to put a bow on the 2017 WTA season with a little help from our listeners. Instead of doing a tournament-to-tournament recap, we’re going more macro and framing the season through four main questions: favourite moment, favourite breakout season, favourite tournament, and clutch performance of the year. Note we didn’t say “best,” and so there’s truly something for everyone in a season which saw so many different players help script a memorable year.


01:25 Kudos to the many players who put their hand up

10:44 Fielding our listeners' fav moments

12:45 The many trials, and triumphs of Venus Williams

16:16 Getting messy to kick things off

28:06 Mugu’s finger wag kick starting her swag

30:27 Sharapova: a highlight for some, tiresome for others

33:59 Sloane channels Whitney's "One Moment In Time"

37:40 Fav breakout season: a case for Olympia Williams-Ohanian

39:11 A plug, a scolding, and a Jersey Shore detour

44:52 Australian Open is the fav tournament in a landslide

46:59 All hail a host of clutch performers

50:15 Godspeed: farewell to this year’s retirees

53:58 The WTA year-end leaders & award winners revisited

62:55 The best revenge is your paper, Venus is the damn MVP