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Our tennis season is over, but we're leaving you with one final episode of The Body Serve in 2016. We talk about the much hyped Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls: what worked and what didn't, why Rory is such a problem, which of Rory's exes is the hottest, and how Kelly Bishop and Lauren Graham slayed every scene they were in. We also add to our TV episode and recommend a few gems for you to check out over the holidays.

2:30 What worked about the Gilmore Girls revival? #1 Lauren Graham

9:00 Lorelai and Emily: the central relationship of Gilmore Girls?

16:00 Paris Geller, hilarious and terrifying

20:00 Cameos by Parenthood cast, Sutton Foster, and Stars Hollow: The Musical

22:15 An Emily Gilmore meltdown for the ages

24:30 Rory’s exes are all hot now

28:00 What didn’t work? The last four words

29:30 How do you solve a problem like Rory?

33:45 A small diatribe on stereotyping millennials: we didn’t invent participation trophies

37:30 Things that didn’t work in 2016 but might have in 2000

 41:20 Sudden diversity in Stars Hollow and Hartford

50:00 Who’d you rather: Dean, Jess, or Logan?

54:15 Revisiting our TV episode – talking about Transparent’s representation problems

60:00 Atlanta, Stranger Things, High Maintenance

63:45 In praise of season 7 of Shameless, and especially Emmy Rossum

67:00 Check out Club de Cuervos, Mozart in the Jungle, Chewing Gum, and Fleabag