Preacher Teachers: Anything You Have In Mind


We're back with a bit of a mixed bag for episode 88. We begin with a podcast announcement before segueing into the tennis action post-Wimbledon: Novak is done for the year, Andy and Kim are inducted into the Hall of Fame, and David Ferrer resuscitates his career in Bastad. We then parse through the Nastase ITF ban, James takes another tennis quiz, and we introduce the TBS Mailbag! Seriously, we had such a blast answering Twitter questions from some of our listeners. Finally, we close with a segment on some of this year's Emmy nominations.


01:10 TBS announcement

04:47 Novak is out for the rest of the year

08:14 Looking back at Kim and Andy's Hall of Fame careers

14:10 David Ferrer is feeling himself again

16:03 Here we are again: horrendous security at tennis matches

18:13 A Seles side note, pondering the many what ifs

21:58 A Goerges dressing down, a very lucky loser, and weddings galore

25:12 Parsing through the Nastase ITF verdict

29:36 James takes a quiz; SURELY you all can beat him this time around

35:28 TBS Mailbag: we get a bit personal & have a blast! Thanks y'all!

55:55 Emmy nominations chit chat