Mid-Aussie Open Chat: Scandal & Upsets


We're attempting a rare mid-Slam podcast; we're chatting about the tennis and some bigger issues floating around tennis this week: match fixing, bad commentary, and Hewitt's retirement.

1:30 We wade into the match-fixing scandal

10:30 Unloading on ESPN for preempting Serena Williams for "journalism"
14:15 Poll results: your least favorite commentators, male and female
15:15 Your winner, the awful Justin Gimelstob (and that NY Times puff piece)
32:00 Bad news first: Venus & Rafa upset
35:00 The (overcooked?) brouhaha over Venus skipping her press conference
41:00 Mouratoglou weighs in on Rafa's game
44:30 Having fun despite the carnage
47:00 How are the pre-tournament faves doing? (SW, Aga, & Igloo domination)
55:00 The top men have a great first week: breaking down the quarters
58:30 Talking through the Lleyton Hewitt retrospective


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