Let’s Get In Formation


3:00 Venus, Ambassador to Asia
11:30 New residents of the Top 10: Bencic & Vinci
17:00 Dubai carnage. What top 10?
21:15 Good news! The Delpo and Barty comebacks
28:00 Mega Thiem
32:30 Justin Gimelstob's appearance on Beyond the Baseline podcast - why???
38:45 Gimelstob addresses his bad behavior
45:00 OK, ladies now let's get in formation
53:00 Why Formation is not for white people (and why they're mad about it)
59:30 Super Bowl halftime show: the art of upstaging
1:05:30 The Rant: The Grammys and Taylor Swift, demon
1:11:30 What creative heights must black artists reach in order to be recognized?
1:18:00 Cam Newton, the Williams sisters, and expectations of black athletes
 This Week In Tennis