Judy Murray’s Boys Get to No. 1


Help celebrate our 60th episode! We're here -- on a more regular schedule, lately -- to talk about Andy Murray cementing his no.1 ranking by taking out frequent foe Novak Djokovic. Who had the better year? Did the WTFs measure up as a memorable tournament? What the hell is going on with Rafa's hair?

:30 Welcome to our Diamond Jubilee

8:30 Andy Murray beats Novak to win WTFs, finish at #1
18:00 Erase that asterisk
20:15 Has the year-end tournament redeemed itself?
26:00 Who's had the better year: Andy or Novak?
34:45 Why is Andy's behavior viewed differently than Novak's? Thoughts on authenticity, arrogance, and famous Murray misery
44:00 The men's year-end top 10
48:30 Rafa's hair!
50:30 Digression on politics, and discussion of article by @BadToss about viewing tennis in post-election America
56:30 Miscellaneous news: Venus & Serena dedicate courts and community center; the women are still playing in Limoges; Mauresmo is pregnant again; Czechs 3-peat in Fed Cup!
Please, please read the article we talked about in this episode written by @BadToss: "Post-Trump Tennis Fandom"


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