Hidden Figures in Tennis


While tennis remains on hiatus, we're diving back into the history of tennis by highlighting some fascinating players you may not be familiar with. We look at: Ora Washington, one of the premier women athletes of the 20th century, ignored and overlooked even in her own sport; Richard Russell, Jamaican tennis icon; Ruia Morrison, the Maori trailblazer finally getting her due in her 80s; and the Amritraj tennis family, major stars in India, but who we wanted to learn more about.


0:30 Another Body Serve special presentation - what choice do we have?

3:00 Ora Washington, of whom Arthur Ashe said in 1988, "she may have been the best female athlete ever"

13:20 While dominating tennis, Washington decides to dominate basketball as well

19:30 Richard Russell puts Jamaican tennis on the map

37:50 Ruia Morrison, pioneering Maori tennis star

46:30 The Amritraj family, Indian sporting dynasty

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