Fun and Games With The Body Serve


Episode 73 is a change of pace: a whole episode full of our recurring segments, including The Rant, #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas, the Spelling Bey, and #NameTheTennisPlayer. We devote the first 20 minutes to a particularly enraging moment in John McEnroe history, one which is relevant to the continued debasement of young people of color in sport and elsewhere. After that, it's all fun and games. Your hosts take quizzes, spelling tests, and put forth their picks for the greatest players without a Slam singles title.


3:00 #NameTheTennisPlayer 

4:00 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas #TheRant This one time John McEnroe acted a damn fool (2000 Edition)
9:15 What is it about successful black women that makes people so mad?
16:00 Why are we dredging up an old story now? Echoes in the present
23:45 Poll: who are the greatest players never to have won a Slam?
26:00 Our cases for Elena Dementieva and Helena Sukova
32:15 The men: Rios, Tsonga, Nalbandian, and more
43:10 Jonathan takes a VENUS QUIZ!
49:30 Jonathan's favorite Venus match ever
50:45 The Spelling Bey, Part 2: Retired Players
58:35 Answer to #NameTheTennisPlayer
1:00:10 Big Ups to: Venus, Taylor Townsend, Alex Zverev, Hingis/Chan, and more
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