Found Our Tea


Happy New Year, y'all! We open 2018 and Season 4 of The Body Serve with a preview of the brand new tennis season. First up, we're partnering with Health IQ and encourage you to check them out to get a special rate on life insurance for health conscious folks (you!). We offer our insights on things to look for on both tours in 2018: monitoring the myriad injuries, breakout and comeback candidates, and the coaching carousel. We finish up with some piping hot tea, and be sure to stay right until the end of the show because we have a "moment of zen" instead of our usual outro.


04:05 Plans for the future of TBS, experimenting with the medium

07:55 Previewing the injured men: fingers crossed for Andeh

11:44 Assessing some of the reasons for the spate of injuries

15:15 What measures can the tours take to address this issue?

27:42 An American James can get behind & anything is Pospisil

36:05 The Queen is coming: Serena gets back on court

41:36 Challenging James to expand his favs list

45:08 Comeback candidates on the WTA Tour & going to bat for Bartoli

52:26 Venus & Serena's influence in changing the lifespan of a tennis player's career

55:35 Who's gonna bust out and eff up our lives this year?

58:29 Taking a ride on the coaching carousel

62:53 The sunken place: Kiki stole our man AND is working with Tipspieceofshit?!

66:06 Say my name, say my Shapolovorolorov

69:21 Mariah finding her tea & the vile Cohen & Cooper combo

77:52 Fuck them, but we're trash too: our new year's resolutions