For Once We Do Have The Bandwidth


As promised, we’re back with part two of TBS Rewind. In this iteration, we take a look at some of the more serious topics and themes we’ve covered over the years, and reflect on what we think of what we said For the most part, we’re pretty proud of the work we’ve done, but James gets something off his chest that doesn’t sit well with him. We finish up by telling y’all about a couple things that we really really like at the moment.


02:25 Our mission statement/theme for the podcast

06:43 Why Andy Murray’s feminism still matters

22:24 USO 2018: What does it take for people to see blackness at play?

34:24 Revisiting Kevin Anderson’s comments to us about gays in tennis

39:56 One of our all-time fav bits: Helen Jacobs’ love letter

48:21 James corrects his record on our Colleen segment from 3 years ago

59:16 Riffing on equal prize money in tennis

71:49 Fandom as a fetish

78:44 Ending on a moment of levity: Things We Like!

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