Double Bubble, Toil, and Trouble


We knew it would be an unusual first week of the US Open. It started with Benoit Paire's positive test, and continued with the double bubble regulations and warring health departments. We got non-stop drama surrounding Kiki Mladenovic's singles loss and last-minute ejection from the doubles draw. But no one was prepared for the default of the undefeated #1 seed Novak Djokovic after hitting a line judge with a ball. Nostalgic for five-set collapses and parent-coach-player psychodramas? Oh, we still have those too.


0:30 Djokovic defaulted in the 4th round

9:15 Highlights of the men's first week: Felix grows up, Tsitsipas melts down

18:00 Three Canadian men in the second week of a Slam, a first!

26:00 Women's side: Rogers and Brady stun, Pironkova parachutes in to torture your faves, and Vika gets that Vika mojo back

41:20 Some thoughts on Sloane-Serena

49:45 Benoit and the original 10 - a double bubble and a not-quite-double bubble

53:40 Kiki does not love the US Open

59:10 Inconsistency, jurisdiction issues, and a lack of transparency

70:10 Thoughts on Djokovic's statement  

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