Deja Vu All Over Again


2:00 James revisits Djokovic's comments and follow-up
10:30 Roger Federer tries to add some nuance, and fails
14:00 Warring fandoms and how we interpret players' words
17:00 Tennis Twitter's Manic Monday: Nicole Gibbs stands up
24:00 Andy Murray drops in to read Stakhovsky down
30:00 Neil Harman stops by for no reason
33:00 Going to bat for Andy Murray, currently the only ATP advocate for women
38:45 The trouble with allies/having a daughter makes you a feminist?
46:00 Hashing out the major arguments for/against equal prize money, briefly
50:00 Higher-faster-stronger is not the only measure of athleticism
55:30 Our case for the moral argument in favor of equal prize money
57:30 In praise of Billie Jean King
1:01:00 BJK and Chrissie Evert share great anecdotes about the 70s
1:06:00 Why are the men not focusing on pay disparity on the ATP? Instead, they prefer to blame women.
1:11:00 Big ups! Gibbs, BJK, Andy, and more

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