Bespoke, Bothered, and Bewildered


TBS is back, back again to discuss the SEVEN titlists from week one of the 2018 season. Among the topics discussed: the myriad winners, Kerber's presumed resurgence, the state of Venus' game, Bartoli's revealing interview, Bellucci's "silent ban," Pat Cash acting like trash, and the Australian Open's decision to have Sharapova fill in for Serena at the draw ceremony. Afterwards, James takes a quiz on some WTA records, before we finish with a discussion of #TimesUp and the Golden Globes.


03:17 The first batch of winners in 2018: Simona, sans sponsor, wins Shenzhen to stay #1

16:55 Kyrgios' impressive title run in Brisbane and Alt-Ryan's true colours

22:50 The first runaway narrative of the young season: Kerber is back

28:28 Vickery and de Minaur break through Auckland and Brisbane

32:07 Bartoli gives us insight into her comeback

36:41 Bespoke vitamins y'all. BESPOKE VITAMINS!!!

49:13 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas -> Pat Cash Trash

50:50 Sharapova appointed to fill in for Serena -> how many fucks do we have to give?

54:58 A RafAndy update: hips and arms

63:13 Quiz time -> how do you measure up to James' knowledge of WTA records?

73:03 #TimesUp and a discussion of the activism at the Golden Globes


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WATCH: Harrison's obscene outburst in Brisbane against Yannick Hanfmann (0:14)

READ: Bartoli's interview with L'Equipe in French or translated into English by Tennis Translations