Aussie Open Recap: Kerber’s Suprise and Dependable Djokovic


Melbourne crowns a new women's major champion and cements Djokovic's dominance over all opponents, while we debut a (hopefully) long-running segment called The Rant.

3:00 Are there any emerging storylines in the men's game?
7:30 Odds and ends in the women's game: Konta, Zhang, and Venus returning to IW
12:00 Serena def. Maria #19, Serena def. Radwanska
17:45 Women's final
31:45 Being happy for Kerber; Serena giving praise where it's due
36:00 Djokovic-Simon
39:00 A sidebar on Rafa in light of Novak's dominance of every top player
42:30 Is Novak becoming more beloved? Or at least more respected?
47:00 Spare a thought for Andy Murray
49:30 Melbourne commercial
52:30 Stuff we saw on Twitter: 1) Sharapova fans out in force
55:00 2) Superfans taking journalists to task for 'negativity'
58:00 New segment: The Rant! Tennis is not only men's tennis

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