Aussie Open Recap: GOATs March Through Melbourne


It's episode 68, and we're recapping the entertaining and nostalgic 2017 Australian Open, which saw several of the all-time greats compete in the finals. 35-year-olds Serena Williams and Roger Federer won the titles and tightened their grasp on the GOAT title, despite what Margaret Court wants to say. 


4:15 Women's final: Serena def Venus to get #23

7:45 A household divided (ours, not the Williams')
9:20 Venus doing God's work by taking out CoCo
18:10 Venus is not just a ceremonial figure, she's a contender
22:45 GOAT talk reignited - Margaret Court is salt personified.
29:45 Et ceteras: rankings watch, Konta's run, Lucic-Baroni's return to a Grand Slam semi
33:20 Men's final: Fedal is back, and Roger had a new game plan
42:15 Federer's weird comments about his medical timeout
48:30 Did we miss Novak and Andy?
55:10 Mattek-Sands/Safarova and Peers/Kontinen win doubles titles
56:15 One last Williams topic: Alexis debuts as fiance