A Body Serve Over Troubled Water


It's been a while since we last brought you a mailbag episode. They're fun to do, and we get to rely on our listeners to drive the conversation. Thanks to your thoughtful questions, we cover everything topics like the role of Tennis Twitter in the sport, things we'd change about the Slams, to opinions we've changed and our favorite Mariah songs. The questions mentioned below are only a sampling of the whole thing:

1:30 Which cities would you like to see host a tournament? (@ShaneBullen)

4:30 Why are tennis players politically silent compared to athletes in other sports? (@bloodbaymare); AND, how do we reckon with the "platitudinous non-voice voices" of the Big 3 with regard to the Margaret Court controversy (@perspicaciousam)

17:25 What thing, person, incident have we changed our opinions on? (@AnnaClxxmxnn and @DamianTerbiler)

27:30 Tennis journalists we like, plus a tangent

32:40 FMK: Drama Kings (@SholzTalks10s)

35:28 An anonymously submitted question for Jonathan

37:15 What do we expect from Clijsters' return? (@fabianigiraneza)

46:35 What behind-the-scenes stuff in tennis would people be surprised by? (@AfrikaMsanifu)

55:00 How important is Tennis Twitter to the success of the sport? (@theswingvolley)

65:50 An extended meditation on our favorite Mariah songs; and picking just ONE from MC, Whitney, and Aretha (@hextreat)

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