Rome Recap


In episode 43, we attempt to digest ALL that happened in Rome last week. First things first, Serena's back with a big win. Andy Murray finally beats Novak again in a big final, with assists from Rafa and Kei. Were you as perplexed by Djokovic's erratic behaviour all week as we were? We try and get to the bottom of it during our extended "Rant" which also includes discussions of Tomic, the Aussie Olympic fiasco, and Grigor's meltdown in Istanbul. As usual, the episode is timestamped for your listening convenience. 

2:12  -  Serena Williams, "back right smack dab in the middle of everything."
6:43  -  Keys a future #1, so says Serena 
12:50 - A yet improved Rafa, sifting through the positives
18:20 - Andrew Murray, Baron of Clay
20:40 - Murresmo call it quits
22:18 - Getting to the bottom of Novak's erratic week in Rome
42:30 - Tomic, Kyrgios & the Kitty Litter of Aussie Olympics
47:12 - Grigor's abomination 
52:20 - Coco's coach tells her to "quit being a pansy" #GoReadABook
61:11 - Venus back in the top 10?