Who are we?

We are a [redacted]-year-old couple living in Toronto, Canada. You may know Toronto as the home of the world's most drug-addled former mayor, but we know it as the home of North America's largest Pride festival.

You may wonder why we fancy ourselves tennis experts who deserve your attention. Well, we do not fancy ourselves tennis experts, only enthusiastic fans unashamed of our biases. We hope to earn your attention through our irresistible personalities and fine grammar.

Jonathan (aka @Tennis_Jon) is the brains behind this operation. He loves Venus Williams and the West Indies cricket team above all things (including his partner, James). His tennis-related passions include Rafael Nadal Parera, Jana Novotna, Andre Agassi, Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario, beautiful net play, and annoying his opponents with drop shots.

James (@elliottjmr) is tagging along on this podcast for fun. He is a die-hard supporter of Serena and Rafa, whom he tirelessly defends from tennis' Big Bads and their supporters. His other favorites are Andy Murray, Kim Clijsters, Jo Tsonga, Li Na's backhand (RIP), and Bjorn Borg's headband.

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