The Sound of the ATP’s Silence


We're delving into the serious allegations of domestic abuse against Alexander Zverev. Many in tennis -- including Sascha himself -- are invested in painting this as Zverev "overcoming adversity" on his way to growing up, diminishing and erasing Olya Sharypova's story. The ATP has failed to send a clear message; indeed, they have not sent any message at all. We ask: why is tennis so inept at handling situations like this? Why hasn't the ATP followed the NFL and developed a robust domestic violence policy? What happens when we as a community treat intimate partner violence as a private matter?


01:12 Where this story begins 

09:32 Why do we believe women? 

16:08 Zverev's glib, narcissistic response to the allegations

21:59 The appalling social media fails from big tennis orgs

29:10 The ATP's deliberate failure to meet the moment

42:40 For example: where is your internal investigation?!

46:06 Zverev's management, Team 8, asleep at the wheel

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