Season 2 Finale: Tennis Is Messy AF


Episode 63 marks the finale of our second season. We spend a good chunk of time thanking some of our supporters by name. (Please forgive us if we missed you - it wasn't intentional!) We have lots of fun chit-chatting about the petty, messy, trying, and frivolous moments in tennis this past year. We also take you back to a once-controversial subject in tennis: the Williams sisters' hair, and its role as a signifier of their outsider status. 

3:15 Rundown of 2016's messy af moments in tennis, starting with Gibbs-Stakhovsky-Murray

9:15 Ryan Harrison is doing the most to provoke Tennis Twitter
11:45 A sidebar on politics and why we shan't be tolerating alt-right tennis players
14:30 Tomic and Kyrgios' complicated relationship
20:00 Who's suing whom
22:45 Other insane things: Wimbledon poisoning and a murder trial
26:15 Tomic politely asks a fan for a cup to go with his teabag(ging)
28:00 Discussing Jonathan's WTA Grand Slam Rankings
39:00 James takes a quiz about 2016 title winners
43:35 Our 2017 Breakout Players
48:30 #SeeWhatHadHappenedWas - Venus Williams loses some beads at the '99 Australian Open, tennis loses its shit (thanks to @StephInTheUS and her YouTube channel)
1:02:00 We thank our supporters on the air - your support has made this podcast possible! 

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