It’s Not That Bad, Is It? Season 3 Premiere


The Body Serve begins its third season with an extended episode that covers the off-season, the early goings-on of the 2017 tennis season, and some fun and games. We're especially happy to share our new intro, which incorporates quotes from some of our favorite players. Stay tuned for an Australian Open quiz and our nominees for the male players who should start wearing short shorts (for fashion reasons only, obviously).


1:00 January means the Visit Melbourne ad is back! A dramatic reading

5:00 Tennis had no chill in the off-season: Serena-Common interview, Serena gets engaged, Ivanovic retires, Federer Periscopes

13:00 Kvitova shock

18:15 Pliskova wins Brisbane

21:30 Let's talk about Auckland: Serena and Vee underwhelm

27:00 James' mini-treatise on being a Serena fan

30:20 Novak wins Doha; talking about another Novak "incident" 

38:00 Dimitrov beats 3 Top 10 players to win Brisbane

39:45 Taking stock of Nadal's form after winning Abu Dhabi exo

42:45 Mattek-Sands reaches no. 1 in doubles ... misgivings?

46:30 Twitter polls: who do you think will have the best year?

52:45 Et ceteras: Destanee Aiava, Ash Barty, and Jonathan likes Vinci now ....

59:00 Which male players should usher in a short shorts trend? (Accepting a challenge from @themaindraw and @caitlin_thomps)

1:08:00 Jonathan takes an Australian Open quiz!

1:19:30 Some TV shows we're watching