It’s a Wrap For You, Boys: ATP Year in Review


We're finally getting around to wrapping up the year in men's tennis, a year marked by both the resurgence of throwback stars Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer and the Big Four loosening its grip on the top. Again, we asked our listeners to answer a few questions about the ATP season. We shout you out while adding our own insights on a year that may well mark a transition in the long stable ATP Tour. 


1:30 Where's the beef this year? What the hell happened?

7:00 The ATP is facing new challenges this year, as a bunch of big stars burned out
11:30 What were y'all's favorite non-Fedal Slam moment of the year? Winner is Del Potro def. Thiem, US Open Round of 16
21:30 Players like Goffin stepped up to (partially) fill the void left by Murray, Djokovic, Wawrinka
26:10 Reckoning with Shapovalov's nicknames
30:15 What truly surprised you this year? 
31:05 Laver Cup "disrupts" the market - apologies for the tech bro vocabulary
38:40 Indulging your most petty and dark-sided self, what infuriated you in 2017? This is very on-brand for the Body Serve in 2017
39:45 Our pronunciation of gif, apparently
47:30 Men who need to do better next year; aka Men Are Trash
55:00 Discussing the ATP Awards - hashing out issues with sporting awards in general