Getting the Conversation Started: Creating a Safe Space to Come Out in Men’s Tennis


You might have read what Roger Federer had to say about why there hasn't been an openly gay male tennis player in on the ATP Tour. Now, hear his words, along with those of Kevin Anderson, as both speak on what can be a tricky and challenging issue. Plus, our chat with Nick McCarvel about the upcoming event he's hosting (in partnership with No Challenges Remaining) to kick-start the conversation of "being queer and out in pro tennis," featuring the out retired player Brian Vahaly.


1:00 Talking about LGBTQ issues in tennis - why now?

6:25 Roger Federer speaks on the possibility of a male player coming out on the ATP Tour

14:20 Kevin Anderson expands on his previously stated support for LGBT athletes, and why he was compelled to speak in the first place

18:00 What are some of the barriers for an ATP player coming out?

24:50 Our chat with Nick McCarvel, host of the upcoming Open Playbook event with Brian Vahaly in NYC


Open Playbook: Being Queer and Out in Pro Tennis - at Housing Works Bookstore, Soho, NY on August 23

Event benefits Housing Works and New York Junior Tennis & Learning

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